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"Elizabeth helped the boy gain closure from the life that was taken from him, and helped him cross over. However, the most shocking part of our story would be what was confirmed after that night! I am so glad she will be doing this work for other families affected by the Paranormal."-Theresa

"I must stress that I was more than amazed both times Elizabeth read for me, and would recommend her to anyone seeking true communication with the other side."-Frances P.


"Elizabeth facilitated a reading for me which was so accurate I stopped myself from talking many times because I didn't want to interrupt as all my questions were being answered very specifically without me asking them."-Lucia

" Elizabeth was able to remove the demon (yes, actually remove it she explained!) and she also encountered dark malicious souls that she got rid of, all without physically being there! After the clearing/cleansing EVERYTHING felt different!"-Christine C.

" After you performed the SPIRIT EXTRACTION service ( not even being there physically!!) I finally experienced a peaceful sleep! It was amazing that you were able to rid me of an actual demon without a traditional "exorcism", which is all I knew about."-Chrissie P.

"She said that she saw the female entity crawl slowly from the closet to under the foot of my bed every night. I was going to REALLY faint at that point because Elizabeth just described the nightmare I was having every night for years! This Psychic was no joke or scam. There was no way she could have known all that!"-Stephanie

"Her readings are the real thing! The messages that came through confirmed every detail I have felt for a while. Her extraction work was done very quickly and efficiently. Others had failed at this and I was getting very desperate. She knows what she's doing and I have been feeling so great since!" -Genevieve


"From the heart of the darkness is born the light."-author unknown

"THE LIGHT WITHIN THE DARKNESS"-this is quite simply who I am and why I am here. My journey has been a transformational one based on balance and self discovery, with both darkness and light and the incredible interactions with the other worlds opening me further to both sides of the spectrum. These experiences have changed me, and continue to change me. The people's lives that I have changed will forever stay with me as well. This is not only the work that I do, it is my uppermost passion and spiritual calling. One of the greatest mysteries surrounds the topic of "DEATH". In truth life and death are intertwined. They are merely extensions of one another. Whether we are aware of it or not the spiritual world continues to weave an ongoing melody within the everyday soundtrack of our lives. As we learn to open ourselves up and perceive other realities, we quickly discover that they are not far at all. It is only a matter of shifting our consciousness. Communication- whether it be a terrifying encounter or a beautiful one, assists humanity in better understanding the soul and greater purpose for being here. I am blessed & grateful to be able to use my natural abilities to help others become aware of the bigger spiritual picture-"We are so much more than our physical bodies, we are multi-dimensional and eternal."
























A Psychic Medium, Divine Channeler, And Remote Spirit Extractor


   Elizabeth Grove is a gifted Psychic Medium, Divine Channeler, as well as a Divine Twin Flame, offering incredibly validating & life changing private readings for all, but is especially recognized for her work with those who are on the Twin Flame journey. She is also known for her UNIQUE high level Paranormal clearing work as a Spirit Extractor.

   She specializes in remote SPIRIT EXTRACTIONS, which fully addresses dark entities, manifestations, malicious souls, and negative energies of ALL levels within physical and soul spaces. It can also assist benevolent spirits with crossing over into the light when possible. This rare Divine extraction service is based on utilizing her innate gifts and high consciousness levels all while in her light body vehicle. It can be performed anywhere in the world. Her powerful extractions are known to help many people find peace and hope again after being traumatized and interfered with by dark beings, enabling them to finally move forward with their Divine processes.

    Her Medium work continues to help those who are grieving find healing and closure by giving specific validations that their loved ones in spirit are alive and well on the other side, as well as present in their lives. When sitting with Elizabeth it's as if you were physically sitting with your loved one. She is easily able to bring out the unique personality and mannerisms of souls who wish to communicate, making it quite a joyous, fun, and at times deeply emotional experience.

   For those searching for clarity and truth connected to their incredible spiritual experiences ( such as emerging abilities and Twin Flame Awakening ), Elizabeth proves without a shadow of a doubt how someone's "Spiritual Team" is present with them daily ( which includes a Twin Flame's Higher Self) and how they wish to further help them to embrace the truth of their soul's full potential by stepping into their Self Mastery, Union, and mission, as they continue to integrate higher energies and walk their Ascension path of unconditional love.

   Elizabeth considers her work her passion and mission. She will continue to shine her light where there has only been darkness- compassionately offering her gifts whenever possible to those who reach out to her for assistance.


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