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I had my first of many reading sessions with Elizabeth a few years ago and it’s not an exaggeration to say its been life changing!
It’s not that I had never had a good reading before, but the sessions with Elizabeth literally
feel like you are sitting in the room with your guides, or whoever it is that comes
through for you. It’s really quite an experience, with the clearest advice and guidance, always in a loving and empowering way. I initially wanted to find out more about my Twin Flame situation.
My Twin’s higher self came through on 2 of the readings, which was very moving and enlightening – and completely spot on!  It’s really enabled me to let go of the grip I had
on the situation that was surely keeping me in a place of keeping me in a place of resistance
 around it, plus it was also nice to know that I’m not a crazy person living in a fantasy world!
The readings have also given me so much clarity on areas like work and health, but probably the most emotional session I had was around a difficult relationship with one of my sisters-
I wanted to understand it from a higher level. It was really incredible as my sister’s higher self
came through as well as messages from my guides that enabled me to understand the situation completely.  All I felt was an overwhelming sense of compassion and love. It pretty much changed our dynamic instantaneously, as I could let go of all the heavy energy around it.
As a result of the reading session our relationship had never been as good as it is now.
I feel very blessed to have found you Elizabeth, and will always
have a deep sense of gratitude for for all that you do.

-Olivia, England

I had a reading with Elizabeth and was astounded! Elizabeth picked up on everything I had been feeling in regards to entity attachments. She was so kind and thorough and knowledgeable.  After the reading Elizabeth provided me with several practices to clear my energy from negative attachments.  A few weeks later I was still feeling as though I was not completely cleared.  I had been having experiences of what felt like sleep paralysis, Elizabeth explained that there was an entity trying to hold me down while I was asleep, I also had been seeing dark shadows or masses often that felt like they were following me sometimes. I had also experienced electronics breaking  frequently. I reached out to Elizabeth again, to perform a spirit extraction. The results I have felt from the spirit extraction  are amazing, the sleep paralysis, has not happened again, and I have not seen or felt any dark shadows. I also feel a lot lighter since the extraction, and the daily ritual which would generally drain my energy severely, now feels energizing! I previously reached out to a clearer to help, spending an enormous amount of money  but it did not work. I am so thankful that I found Elizabeth, as I know her work is the real deal.  I’m so grateful to her and the work she does!

- Kim Florian, Massachusetts

Elizabeth is in a medium/spirit/high dimensional channel like no other! There are truly no words to describe her gifts, her level of compassion, insight and love towards everyone she touches on a soul level in her healing sessions. I say healing sessions because after her session, so many things were confirmed and also so many things of my soul journey were healed because I was able to open up to the truth within me that she was able to highlight and provide important messages from her guidance team and mine, that resonated within. I had to focus on myself to be able to continue ascending on my divine path.
She knew things about my life that very few people know about, even those very close to me. The level of insight and depth to everything that she knew was so exact I could hardly believe it! She gave me very specific examples and relevant information, as well as confirmation that I had already been receiving from my own spiritual team, and to be able to to provide this information with so much depth and complex information was truly a blessing and a miracle. I was in awe the entire time! Still need to pinch myself of her accuracy.
She has help me so much in just one session that I know she will be my only go to person for all my future readings because I have never received such an accurate and in-depth reading such as Elizabeth’s. She is truly magical, gifted, compassionate, loving and it was an honor and a blessing to be able to connect with her and to receive such beautiful messages, confirmations, insights and in depth wisdom.
I cannot stress enough to anyone needing spiritual guidance to contact her for any assistance on their soul journey or TF journey.  I know they will be highly impressed and completely happy with the experience with her- like I was. I recommend her 1,000,000%. She helped me in more ways than one, that can’t be mentioned in a short recommendation, but she did so on all levels of my being, and I will forever be grateful to her for all that she did for me! I will go back for more readings for sure! I just loved her!! Thank you Elizabeth!!

- Mariela Stewart


My channeled reading from Elizabeth was the most realistic and empowering reading I have had in regards to who my twin flame is, where the connection is currently at, and where the connection is meant to go. I finally  received deep clarity on my life purpose. I've been insecure about having a traditional 9 to 5 job  working with people I could never get along with, and no matter how hard I tried to squeeze myself back into the system it just never felt right. I was able to learn exactly what my spiritual gifts are and how I can use them as a psychic reader to assist others on their healing journey. She clarified how family trauma has played a big part in the PTSD that I have had over the years. She was also able to provide me with some truly powerful and practical mantras and meditations I could use daily to get to the root of my healing. She explained that this would also benefit my beloved divine masculine counterpart since we are the same energy. If that wasn't enough already she also taught how to better clear, protect and ground myself to help us continue progressing together.

-Mackensie S.

Elizabeth Grove is the real deal. I was skeptical about doing a Skype reading, as I've done it with other psychics and felt like they weren't truly picking up on my energy as much as those in person had done before; it felt almost like they were guessing more than anything. Liz though, knew so much about my situation without me telling her a word! She was kind yet direct in a way that made me feel supported and also left me feeling peaceful. She provided confirmation that the man I believe to be my twin flame is in fact my divine counterpart and that he feels the same way that I do, which brought so much peace and comfort. She explained why he was not in communication with me in a way that perfectly meshed with our current situation, and then she offered resources to assist with spiritually evolvement that would ultimately attract the divine union I desire. She helped to erase a lot of the doubt, fear, and guilt I've been feeling for over a year now, and made me feel less alone. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is seeking guidance on the twin flame journey or in any aspect of their lives!

-Tammi N.

I can’t thank you enough for your time and the wonderful guidance you have given me through my reading. You are truly blessed with a unique gift as you described through channeling both of our childhood traumas and healing work needed without knowing anything about my Twin or I. You have given me the confidence and confirmation that my experiences are true and in fact on point to what I was feeling (even though my ego likes to tell me otherwise). I look forward to utilizing the recommended methods to help me and the specific guidance suggested to focus on. The Twin Flame Journey is the hardest journey to face, but through your work I feel deeply grateful to have found you so I can continue on and upward.

P.S. I’m recommending you to others have found on the same journey. Love and light and many blessings to you.

- Dana Duran

I had an amazing session with Elizabeth Grove. We really went in depth to find the roots of what needed to be worked on, and it helped me tremendously. She is very precise, the messages are clear and spot on. All that transpired in our session was confirmed later on! She is amazing! I definitely recommend readings with Elizabeth for your growth and soul evolution. I’m grateful for her and the love and light she spreads.


Elizabeth Grove performed a personal reading for me to help me clear blockages in a reunion with my Twin Flame partner. I can attest that even two weeks following this reading and the messages I received through Elizabeth that many blockages that were preventing reunion have been resolved and that there is now positive direction and forward momentum. Elizabeth is a very gifted spiritual medium and healer and I would highly recommend her if you are considering this type of assistance. I felt completely comfortable with her from beginning to end and I trust her guidance immensely. It takes a very spiritually “clear” person to deliver messages that really resonate with someone and that provide the needed assistance to help you to see things (or gaps) that you were unable to see before. I recommend her without hesitation and hope to work with her again in the future to achieve my spiritual and life goals.

 - K. Cressell

Elizabeth’s work was quite potent! I am a professional energy worker and sensitive myself. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to clairvoyantly see and feel the remote spirit extraction work that Elizabeth did for me and my Twin Flame. I felt extremely confident purchasing her clearing service after feeling very comfortable with her her caring way and knowledge of my situation. I knew that we were both in need of removal, and we would be better off benefiting from Elizabeth’s very unique gifts. The work was powerful and helpful! I had a follow up session with her to hear about the work that she did in detail. I cannot stress how comprehensive, thorough, and ethical her work is!! I recommend her remote spirit extraction work to anyone who feels they require an expert clearer they can trust will get the job done!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!

- Angela B., Owner of Energy Intuit

Elizabeth came into my life when I found myself in an emergency situation due to demonic possession. I had made a very BIG mistake when I “invoked” what I believed was an angel. I didn’t have the correct spiritual knowledge beforehand to know that you don’t invoke angelic beings. I also did not have spiritual protection knowledge. It wasn’t long before I was feeling EXTREMELY ill, and also began having anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It was the most terrifying and traumatic experience of my life!! I had previously reached out to a Shaman and two Catholic Priests for exorcism assistance, without receiving any help. I was either not believed or I was told that it was too severe for them to handle. I was in BIG trouble! I came to Elizabeth in a panic and she took the time out of her busy schedule to help rid me of the possessions and the other dark energies that surrounded me. She cleared everything within me and  what was going on in my space. I was finally able to move forward in my life! I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing any dark forces taking over their lives. You don’t know how much I thank you and love you!

-Leah H.


Wow, am I so grateful to God/Spirit/Universe for bringing me to Elizabeth. I know that the spirit extracting that she did for my twin flame and I was monumental in helping us to come into union. The spirit extraction service was more than just getting rid of negative and demonic energies, but she was able to remove all kinds of nasty galactic interference that were deliberately blocking my own abilities to fully heal for myself and my twin and causing me to almost give up on everything as I was finding myself in a state of deep depression. Elizabeth did more than just remove these dark forces from my twin and I but she activated us and uncapped our own unique abilities to be experienced more fully. Prior to this work my twin and I had not seen nor spoken to each other in almost 4 months and within 10 days of the extraction work, my twin contacted me. I literally feel so light and joyful and in a place in which I feel confident and safe in my own inner knowing and my unfolding union with my twin. I fully recommend Elizabeth’s services as she is a wonderful channeler as well and has given me a lot of insight about my twin mission and brought a lot of comfort to me as she beautifully channeled my twin’s higher self during our period of separation. If you feel that you are being attacked by dark forces, contact Elizabeth as this work she does is very thorough and will assist in uplifting all areas of your life regardless of if you’re on the twin flame journey or not. I can’t thank you enough Elizabeth!!

-Jennifer K.


I contacted Elizabeth for a channeled session several months ago and it was a beautiful experience for me. As a twin flame, I am in contact with my twin's Higher Self and during my session with Elizabeth, I knew that the messages she brought forth were authentic, clear, honest, and helpful for my journey. She has an immense gift for channeling angels, guides, and your twin's Higher Self. I had no doubt that she was talking directly to my twin's Higher Self as she used his diction, his expressions, and even exhibited his sense of humor. During our second session, I shared with Elizabeth that I felt something was impeding my twin physically and spiritually. She confirmed this for me and suggested a remote spirit extraction. On the day that the spirit extraction occurred, because I am quite sensitive to energy, I felt physical symptoms such as pain in various parts of my body, particularly my shoulders and lower back. I also felt a surge of negative emotions rise to the surface for clearing and then within about thirty minutes, things felt more settled. An hour later, I received a report from Elizabeth that confirmed that she was in the midst of spirit extraction work while I was experiencing those symptoms. Within a few hours, I felt intense clarity, relief, joy, and as though an incredible weight were lifted off my shoulders. I am not in contact with my twin in the 3D at the moment, however, his Higher Self said that he felt immensely clearer and liberated. In a follow-up session with Elizabeth a few weeks later, my twin's Higher Self thanked her for her extraction work. He also indicated that he would not have found relief from the negative energies that were encapsulating him without her help.

I have had three sessions with Elizabeth and each time she has been honest, helpful, gracious, and kind. She is a person of deep integrity-a woman you can completely trust. It is her goal to help you progress on this journey, to enable you to trust in your own Higher Self, and in your own personal connection to Spirit and inner guidance. I always feel supported when I talk to Elizabeth and I have never ONCE doubted her messages or her guidance. In a time when we all have to be cautious of the many "twin flame experts" out there I can only recommend Elizabeth without any hesitation. She emanates joy, love, peace and has your highest purpose in mind. I do not trust another person to help me on this journey as much as her. if you need help with remote spirit extraction or confirmation from your guides and angels-do not go anywhere else.

-Sara S.



Elizabeth has helped my family as well as myself numerous times over the past few years, and I am extremely honored to say that we were the very first family helped by her, and are so proud that her journey began with us! Whether it was Paranormal or hearing from our loved ones on the other side with personal messages, she has always been right on point. The one story that still amazes me was when my 2 year old daughter was seeing "someone" who had passed away 30 years prior. She wouldn't play with certain toys and would scream and cry irrationally while pointing to areas of her bedroom where no one else seemed to see or feel anything out of the ordinary. I was impressed with Elizabeth the moment she walked through our door. My daughter immediately went over and gave Elizabeth a warm hug, when she normally shies away from ALL strangers. My jaw literally dropped! I knew at that moment there was something very special about this young woman. Elizabeth did a walk through of our home and picked up a little boy around 7 or 8, who was wearing 70's clothes and hairstyle that passed by drowning in "some sort of water." She described the appearance of the boy from his hair style and color, to the specific clothes he was wearing. Elizabeth picked up that the little boy was just looking for a play friend, thankfully not to harm my daughter! She said the little boy liked reading the books in my daughter's bookcase, and my daughter actually said this! I was really startled because Elizabeth couldn't have possibly known that, and this confirmed that it wasn't just an imaginary friend. After the walk through we trusted Elizabeth and her assistant to be left alone in my daughter's room to do what needed to be done-"a crossing over ceremony."  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I let her set up an alter in my daughter's room and trusted in good faith that we made the right decision by contacting her. It turned out that Elizabeth helped the boy gain closure from the life that was taken from him as, and helped him cross over. She said she did this with help from her spirit guides and angels. After the ceremony myself, my husband, and my daughter were asked to come back upstairs so we could all discuss what had just happened. My daughter rushed over to the bowl of water Elizabeth had on the alter and pointed to it yelling "Little boy went into the water!" There were no words to describe how shocked we all were since this is EXACTLY what Elizabeth had said!  Whatever kind of ritual she she did, it worked! After that night there were no more crying fits or worries from my child. My husband and I were finally able to get sleep. However the most shocking part of our story would be what was confirmed AFTER that night! My mother went to get her hair done by a hairdresser in our neighborhood and got into a conversation about that night. The hairdresser went on to say that she knew the little boy and the family, and confirmed every bit of detailed information Elizabeth had given us.  She said the boy drowned in the 70's in a cesspool in front of the families' house. They lived on the same block, only a few houses away. This information would surely shut down anyone skeptical about Elizabeth Grove's abilities! Amazing! I will say on behalf of my family that we truly thank Elizabeth from the bottom of our hearts for everything! She is as caring as she is gifted!




   Elizabeth is an incredible intuitive and light worker who has revealed her spiritual talents to me during two separate readings. I initially sat with her to hear from my angels and was pleasantly surprised to hear Elizabeth bring through such detailed information that no one could possibly know! Archangel Michael came through and gave me insight into a soul connection that I was confused about for so long, but felt so strongly about. Through Elizabeth the angels explained that this man was my Twin Soul, and because of her and I was finally able to accept the ups and down of this intense spiritual love connection. This reading has also enlightened me in other ways. Her abilities helped clarify both personal and family related issues so that my family and I would be able to make wiser life decisions going forward. What I also enjoyed about the reading was that she not only revealed such personal and accurate information, she also took the time to teach and guide me onto a deeper spiritual path-even giving me suggestions to try at home! She helped me realize that I too have the capability to communicate with my angels and loved ones on the other side.

   The second time I sat with Elizabeth she  brought through my father who had tragically taken his life a few years ago. It was extremely sudden and had deeply affected my family. She described his appearance, his often times harsh and abrupt personality, and confirmed the signs my father had been leaving me, including the butterfly that was following me around the backyard everyday. Elizabeth was able to help me begin the healing process by having me understand the mental and emotional state my father had been in, and the fact that he was sorry for his actions and all the pain that he had caused. I didn't realize that when we die tragically we still need to heal and that those on the other side play a part in that! My father mentioned the riff between my brother and I that he wanted to be forgiven-which was hard to hear at first, but would bring him peace in the spirit world. This had given me a new spiritual perspective that I had never thought about before. Lastly, I was happy to have learned that my father had become one of my son's main spirit guides, and that he helps him work through the negative traits that were similar to his own when he was alive. I know his Grandpa is watching and wants him to be strong and happy, and through helping my son I am praying that my father can move higher into the light. I must stress that I was more than amazed both times Elizabeth read for me and would recommend her to anyone seeking true communication with the other side. She is an earth angel with an amazing gift that I was blessed to have experienced more than once.


-Frances P.


   I only need three words to describe my readings with "Paranormal Priestess" Elizabeth Grove: TRULY. MAGICAL EXPERIENCES! During one reading, my Grandmother ( who passed away in 2003 and who I've since learn is one of my guides) came through to Elizabeth and asked her to caution me about a side job I held at the time. Grandma wanted me to know that my employer was dishonest and that I shouldn't invest too much time or energy into the job because it wasn't going to work out. Elizabeth had no previous knowledge of my employer or the job; she was simply relaying the message that Grandma wanted me to hear. That same night, an incident occurred with my employer that validated EXACTLY what Elizabeth had told me. I severed ties with that employer and know I dodged a huge bullet! I should mention that I wasn't expecting to hear from my Grandmother at all; Grandma just had something important to say, and she knew and trusted that Elizabeth was the right one to pass it along to me!

   On another occasion, I scheduled a reading with Elizabeth after the culmination of a long-term traumatic experience at my full-time job ( which is currently less than fulfilling). I was feeling drained, lost, and confused about my life's purpose and hoping for some clarity from a reading. Well, I got clarity and more! Elizabeth assured me that in pursuing art ( which I had become more interested in several months earlier), I was on the right path. She described to me in great detail what I needed to do to help transition my artistic endeavors from a hobby to a career. She also told me that Grandma had once again come through and was stomping her foot insistently ( something she did all the time when I was growing up!) as she relayed this information. She really wanted me to move forward with it! I have been taking steps to make this happen and consider the guidance I was given to be priceless.

   Elizabeth Grove is a gifted medium with a passion for helping others. My life has been so greatly enriched by the talents she has to share with the world. I would recommend her to any and every spiritual individual I know-get ready to have your life changed!


-Jackie S.


   Elizabeth, I want to thank you for the clear and detailed messages you brought through during my last session with you. Your friendly, warm, and humble personality made the reading fun as well as comforting and informative. Without even voicing the questions to you I received answers to things I have been wounded about. Not only did you answer my questions about my family on the other side, you helped cross over a spirit that was in my house. You had said that you saw an "old grumpy man" in the car drive on the way to my house, and my young son had been saying that he saw an old man coming through the playroom wall!  I knew that you were right on track when you mentioned this right off the bat! I had been terrified to go into my basement for so long because something was "choking me" every time I stepped down there. You made me feel safe when you went down into my basement by yourself to have a "conversation" with him. You revealed to me that there was a harmless sick old man who had lung, heart issues, and slight dementia that was still bedridden in my basement. He passed in my house, and still thought that he was being taken care of by the family-which he thought was us! He had become very emotionally attached to us. You asked the old man to please stop choking me, then asked me to come back downstairs. I was afraid to go back into the basement I feared, but then discovered that I finally was able to be breathe down there! I knew you had truly communicated with him at that point. You made my understand that he was not trying to really hurt me, but only allowing me to feel what he felt when he passed.

   You invited me to partake in a crossing over ritual because the old man felt so attached to my family. You explained that the sage that I had been using was actually not helping at all, but only making him angry. I learned that it wasn't a good choice for my type of haunting, since it was not considerate of the old man's feelings. I remember you described it as " Shoo shoo, go away, !!" Up until then I had always thought that sage was good for everything, but I learned something different from you that night. You showed such compassion and understanding when crossing over the old man which I was told was named, "Henry." You proved that not only do you wish to help people, you wish to help spirits as well, whenever possible. The ritual was such an overwhelmingly emotional one that I will never forget. I will remember how we all cried the moment we knew "Henry" went into the light. It was the most amazing experience that I ever had!  I am so glad you had asked me to be apart of it, because it opened me up so much. The peace you are able to bring to people and spirits is such a heavenly gift. I am glad you were chosen down this path. 




    I have had several readings from Elizabeth, all which were insightful and very informative. The angels offered their loving guidance and allowed Elizabeth to foresee specific events in my life that later ACTUALLY DID OCCUR! She connected with my grandmother whose personality came through when she spoke about my childhood memories, and offered insight into my current situations. Elizabeth amazed me when she described how my grandmother loved Halloween and went to gypsy readers. My grandmother made Elizabeth laugh several times, since she was always a character even when alive! Elizabeth was also spot on when she talked about how my grandparents went ballroom dancing, and how they loved walking the boardwalk and shopping. She was right on the spot when she mentioned how my grandmother loved to shop for "little junk" items. I was laughing through most of the reading, since Elizabeth naturally puts you at ease, and "says it how it is." In addition to the accurate and detailed readings I received, "The Paranormal Priestess" successfully performed a crossover ceremony for a spirit that was in my old home, and rid my new home of negative spirits that were scaring my children!

    My former babysitter was the spirit still attached to my children in my old home, and sadly didn't realize that she had passed. She loved my children and they loved her, so it was very hard for my two girls. The children were young and didn't understand what was happening. Elizabeth described her appearance and confirmed that it was her when I later showed her a picture. The activity stopped in our home after the ritual . Surprisingly enough Elizabeth was called in again when my family moved to a new house! There was a presence in my house that was scaring my children on a nightly basis, often coming as doll night terrors, and even came into a real doll one day! I wasn't sure what to believe, but when I saw a "shadow" move in the corner of my eye down my hall I knew I needed Elizabeth back. When she did a walk through she picked up the doll terrorizing and confirmed the creepy voices my children heard when she sat on their beds. Elizabeth explained that because my children were so open, these dark spirits wanted to control them. They hid in many of the crawl spaces in my house, and she was able to feel the heaviness of the energy in these spaces. Elizabeth did a ceremony to get rid of them, and then performed a thorough cleansing of my entire house, including EVERY crawl space. She then made sure to follow up with me to give me instructions on how to keep my home cleansed and bring lighter energy in.  I am so thankful for her help, knowledge, and compassion. She is the real deal!



   All throughout my childhood I was afraid of the hallway in my house and the bedroom that I slept in.  My Dad would tease me about it, but I just felt something "dark" was in that hallway. My chest would feel heavy and I would feel panic every time I had to walk through it. In my old bedroom I always felt like something was going to grab me from under my bed! My 8 year old niece didn't even want to sleep in what was turned into a guest room. But I felt like things began to really change in our house. My family began getting agitated with each other and arguing, which was very unusual. There was sickness in the house and accidents. Just seemed like everything was getting progressively worse. I heard some weird beeping noise in the room. Then my niece's toy register went off by itself in the room. My Dad actually confessed that he saw a shadow move across the living room while he was watching T.V. .I couldn't believe that it was "MY" Dad who admitted he saw something! Things definitely weren't right, and that's when we called Elizabeth in.

   Elizabeth did her walk through and immediately picked up the heavy energy in the hallway. She said it felt like she couldn't breathe. She said she felt anxiety. I told her that's what I felt too. She right away said, "I need to go to the room at the end of the hallway. It's coming from that room. " I knew that she was not onto it. Then she went directly to my old closet and told me to open the door. I ran over to open it and this is when it got really creepy! Elizabeth told me that there was an open portal coming from the closet, but what she told me next completely freaked me out!  She said that she saw me and two other girls doing a seance` in the room when I was younger. I think I almost fainted! I never even mentioned that to my parents! I admitted that thats what happened. She told me we opened a portal when we did that. Then when I thought I couldn't be any more shocked Elizabeth shocked me even more! She described a non human dark female entity with long flowing dark brown hair and long snaky limbs wearing white flowing garments. She said that she saw the female entity crawl slowly from the closet to under the foot of my bed every night. I was going to REALLY faint at that point because Elizabeth just described to a "T" the nightmare I was having every night for years!! This Psychic was no joke or scam. There was no way she could have known all that! I was willing to listen to anything she told me that I needed to do at that point.

   There needed to be a clearing plus portal closing ritual that would take care of the two. I was invited to participate in the ritual since I was the one who originally opened the portal. I was pretty scared, but I trusted Elizabeth after her reading.  When she was setting up for the ritual it must of angered the woman because the beeping sound went off in the room and Elizabeth said the woman was threatening her, but not to be worried because we would all be protected by the light. We did a magickal circle and called angels in. Then Elizabeth sent the entity back through the portal, and had us then go over to the closet so we could all pool our energies together so to close the portal. You could feel the energy change in the room from hot to freezing, which was pretty strange! We all had a sense that the ritual worked, because the energy of the room was so much different! It was much lighter! Then Elizabeth  did a thorough cleansing of the entire house. It was such an amazing experience I am grateful to Elizabeth for all she has done for myself and my family, and for all that she's allowed me to learn. I would never try  do a seance` again after that night! I hope other people, especially younger kids can learn from my story that it isn't a game. It can be very dangerous! Thank you so much! You truly are "The Paranormal Priestess!"



  My experience/reading with Elizabeth was amazing! Firstly, she made me feel so comfortable and at ease for my first official reading. Elizabeth was so direct and on point, I was astonished! I went through a series of emotions ranging from joy and laughter to tears. This was my first experience dealing with family members that crossed over. My grandmother who I completely adored came through and Elizabeth's interaction and description of my grandmother's personality and character was absolute. She provided me with so much clarity and closure, I'm forever grateful. Do not look for a psychic to tell you your future, but as a guide to help you direct your path and the decisions you make in life. Elizabeth is a white light with God's blessings with her.




    The last few years of my life I have been having experiences that were more than coincidental. I believe I was somehow connecting with those who have passed. This was so overwhelming! I couldn't believe it, nor

did I want to at times. I had moments of " MAYBE IT'S JUST IN MY HEAD." "MAYBE IT'S JUST COINCIDENCE."  Then there was the famous, "MAYBE I'M JUST CRAZY." These thoughts raced through my head on a daily basis, yet I couldn't deny what I was EXPERIENCING, FEELING, and SEEING! Through the years I cautiously shared some of these experiences with a close friend that I trusted, and she recommended that I see Elizabeth.

   Nervous and unsure I made an appointment, because I felt compelled to see her. I didn't know quite what to expect as my mind raced days leading up to our meeting. The day of our session I found myself to be so calm, and had a sense of peace and warmth wash over me. I wasn't nervous at all!

   Elizabeth invited me into her home, and had such a gentle way about her. The next few moments we shared forever changed my life! She was able to connect with my spirit guides and grandmother. I received insight, guidance, and validation! Elizabeth was so gentle with her approach, and took into consideration how I was reacting to the information I was receiving. She was able to share with me that I am in fact a PSYCHIC MEDIUM. She validated all the experiences I have had the past few years. This meant so much to me, and proved that I wasn't crazy!

   As I begin this new journey I will continue to return to Elizabeth for guidance, support, and teaching. I want to take this time to truly thank Elizabeth! The time we spent together was life changing, and I am so grateful for the entire experience!



   Elizabeth facilitated a reading for me which was so accurate I stopped myself from talking many times ( I had a lot to say) because I didn't want to interrupt as all of my questions were being answered very specifically without me asking them. She delivered the messages in a way that was uplifting and inspiring, despite some of it being difficult to hear. I went from feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused to full of clarity and excitement. I felt empowered and ready for the journey ahead. It was an extremely valuable and encouraging experience which I highly recommend to anyone seeking guidance or simply wanting to communicate more directly with their spiritual team.

-Lucia ( Australia)

   Elizabeth, I would like to thank you for ridding me of the Demon who has threatened me in my sleep for years ( since the 70's!) since my childhood. I would fall asleep ( at least I thought I did) and would feel paralyzed. I would feel a presence, then I could see my soul being pulled feet first out of my body! I would see a dark shadow figure that took on the outline of a Grim Reaper hovering over my bed! It was very eerie and disturbing!

   You spoke to me about being able to REMOTELY EXTRACT what you said was a "DEMON". You explained  that it was trying to steal my soul for a very specific reason. I use to dread falling asleep. I would have to keep the T.V. on hoping and praying it wouldn't return that night. It would always come back. I had tried to cleanse my apartment myself, only for it to be quiet for a short while. The attacks would start up all over again.

   After you performed the SPIRIT EXTRACTION service ( not even being there physically!!) I finally experienced a peaceful sleep! What a blessing! It was amazing that you were able to rid me of an actual Demon without a traditional "exorcism", which is all I knew about. I have heard about the dangers of exorcism.

   There is now a serene feeling in my apartment I never knew before! Now that the Demon is removed, thank you again with all my heart and soul! You are such an angelic presence with an incredible purpose. The world needs people like you!

-Chrissie P.

     About a year ago I had welcomed what I believed was a friendly spirit into my house. Turned out that it was NOT a friendly spirit, but evil that tricked me. For a long time I felt unfocused, agitated, and unable to sleep. My family felt negative energy also, and there was an overall uncomfortable heavy feeling in the house at all times. Every area of my life was being affected. I was experiencing conflicts both within the family and at work.

    One night I was in my backyard at my fire pit and saw various lights around, then all of a sudden I saw what appeared to be a head of a demon within the flames! You could see the horns! I started recording a video of the head, and while recording it, suddenly I began hearing very low growling that didn't sound like any animal! I looked at the time and it was "3AM." This really scared me! Plus I was afraid for my children! I sent this video to Elizabeth to see what she thought, and to see if she could hopefully help me. Elizabeth confirmed it was definitely demonic, and so she suggested her SPIRIT EXTRACTIONS service.

    Elizabeth was able to remove the demon and dark malicious souls  all without actually physically being there! If that wasn't enough already, she also detected that within me I had possessions, projections, and manifestations. She explained what these meant. I was shocked that my soul was under attack like that, but it all made sense.

    After the clearing/cleansing EVERYTHING felt different! The home felt like a new home. It was so much lighter! I felt much more at peace-like I could finally breathe again and be myself! The work that Elizabeth does is nothing short of miraculous! She is most definitely "The Paranormal Priestess."

 -Christine C.

   Thank you Elizabeth for helping me with your Spirit Extraction Service! I wasn't sure what it was, but when you saw and described what was happening, I just knew that you knew what I was dealing with. You made me feel so comfortable in knowing that I'm not alone or the only one who has gone through something like this. I appreciate your thoroughness, your generosity with your time and down to earth and caring nature. You're truly an angel, and I'm so glad that I found you when I did! You definitely were a Godsend to me. I'm eternally grateful for the work that you have done for me and my family. Blessings to you in love, light & peace always.



   I have called upon Elizabeth for readings and a much needed extraction. She was wonderful and very generous with her knowledge. Her readings are the real thing! The messages that came through confirmed every detail I have felt for a while.

   Her extraction work was done very quickly and efficiently. I felt it right away before she told me it was done.  Others had failed at this, and I was getting very desperate. She explained how she was going to proceed, and explained why other attempts failed. She knows what she is doing, and I have been feeling so great since! It changed my life! Thank you so much, Elizabeth! Blessings!!

-Genevieve T.

   Elizabeth was very down to earth, pleasant, and professional in her delivery of my reading. I was very impressed with the messages I had received through her automatic writing-as they were in fact very accurate and resonated with my current situation. Blessings to you and your divine gift!

-Tanya R.

   My story began in distress, restlessness, anger and dis-ease. I was simply too distraught to hear that my Twin Flame got engaged to a girl after 5 months of knowing her. The news shook me to the core. I became consumed by negative energy. I was both manic and suicidal. My connection to God grew weaker, and I knew this reaction to the news was not NORMAL. I had normally recognized the higher purpose in experiencing a negative situation. Many in the Australian Twin Flame Community sent me love and light. Others approached me wanting to help by using their spiritual abilities of insight and guidance. One particular psychic alerted me to a negative interference that was deliberately placed on my Twin and I in order to prevent us from coming into physical union and partaking in our higher purpose. This information affected me deeply and led me to seek further answers from various psychics and healers. Many readers were saying that there was a dark spell that was placed. They told me that it was so strong that it was too difficult to remove, and that only the practitioner could reverse it OR someone with connections to a higher source who would had the ability to remove it without interfering with Universal Laws. It would cause me Karma if not done properly. I felt like I was at a loss. Where would I find someone like that?! I turned to prayer and asked for spiritual guidance. At this point I wasn't even sure if I had a dark spell on me or dark entities. Many readers and healers told me things that I wanted to hear and my gut instinct told me to not proceed with ANY OF THEM because I felt like it didn't know what they were dealing with. 

   I was then drawn to You Tube in attempts to find more answers and came across this woman, Elizabeth Grove "The Paranormal Priestess". I ended up watching all of her videos on her channel, "The Paranormal Priestess." I immediately resonated with her angelic channeled messages. I contacted her to find out if I was eligible for her Spirit Extraction service and she immediately contacted me stressing that my case was dire. I had a session with her where Archangel Michael came through and confirmed that he was my Twin Flame yet there were MANY negative interference. She confirmed through Archangel Michael that it was due to dark ritual energy that was placed on us connected to my Twin's finance.

   On 24/06/17 I paid Elizabeth to perform the Spirit Extractions for both of us. She explained that ritual, negative entities, lower beings, mental and emotional programming, negative psychic chords, etc. was removed. She replaced all of this with Divine love and light to heal all instructed by Archangel Michael through the entire process. On top of this myself and my Twin's psychic and healing gifts were uncapped. She also reconnected us with the Divine in order for us to have more Divine awareness so we can get on track for our higher purpose, and hopefully have physical reunion be in sight. 

   The reason why I share my story is to help others who may feel like their Twin Flame Union has been interfered with or you feel like you've been under attack by negative forces/energies paralyzing your spiritual growth or you simple are seeking Divine truth. I highly recommend contacting Elizabeth for an assessment of your situation. Today is 25/06/2017 and I feel CLEARER, STRONGER, AND MORE CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE AND MY HIGHER PURPOSE IN LIFE! I am forever grateful for Elizabeth Grove and the work that she does with helping those in their darkest days. She is truly amazing and strong to work on your behalf! If there was ever a Wonder Woman on earth-SHE IS IT! Goddess and God bless and thank you again!


-Jess S. (Australia)    


Thank you so, so much again for our conversation last night. You are amazing and I hope one of these days I have as clear of a connection to 'the other side' as you do. I'll be working on that! I'm so glad my Twin Flame’s higher self was so chatty!  It’s nice to have some verification of what I have felt, just not had a way to hear the words in 3D - not yet at least. I've got a better sense of clarity and some new stuff to work on, and that is exactly what I needed.
On a side note... I'm really glad I could 'feel' his energy as you were talking with him. That was exactly him, sweet goofball and all. A friend has given me 'channeled' messages she says are from him, but she said this last time he was very agitated, which doesn't sound like him. I've never seen him that way in person much less in energy. I wondered who or what was really coming through, but my first instinct was it wasn't him, and the message was a little suspicious to me. It doesn't really matter, you confirmed what I feel from him when he pops in my meditations. I could have talked with you all night!

- L.M.,  Maryland

Hi Elizabeth! I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience your reading was for me, I have had other readings and have never received such clear, pure, honest communication from my twins higher self or the angels. I forgot to tell you that I consider Archangel Michael my guardian angel and usually call on him daily when doing my prayers, I feel closer to him than any other of the Angels. I did the meditation you sent me last night before bed and I'm going to continue with it everyday.  I can't tell you how good it feels to have clear guidance on exactly what our  blockages are and how to overcome them! I so enjoyed the reading with you, probably more so than any other reading I've ever had! And couldn't believe how quickly the time passed ... lol...You are so special and have such beautiful gifts, your energy and presence just felt so warm , loving, and grounded. I felt such a wonderful connection with you and I look forward to speaking again soon, hopefully with exciting news of togetherness and healing for my Twin and I! Elizabeth...thank you again :-) Love & Light!

-D.B., Florida



























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