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      Dubbed "The Paranormal Priestess", Elizabeth Grove brings her psychic gifts to those who seek answers and guidance, as well as require the most extreme of clearings. From angelic channeling, to messages from deceased loved ones, to the high level remote extractions of Paranormal disturbances, she offers her passion, wisdom, and incredible angelic gifts to all those who reach out to her. Elizabeth has lived prominent past lives in the ancient civilizations of Atlantis, Egypt, and Celtic Druid land-and with that has incarnated with natural psychic, healing, and alchemical gifts that enable her to not only clearly communicate with Divine Intelligence, but to also address dark entities and energy of ALL levels both in physical and soul spaces. She is literally a "one woman arsenal" when it comes to all things spiritual and supernatural.

   Growing up on Long Island, N.Y. Elizabeth has always been a "different" kind of child. Since the early age of two her sensitive abilities have opened her to encounters with the other world, both positive and negative. In her childhood home she has experienced vivid precognitive dreams, visions, signs, beautiful visitations from angels, fairies, and spirit guides, but has also has had to deal with the darkness that permeated the family's residence. Family members witnessed shadows lurking the hallways and bedrooms of the home at night. The dark energy constantly spread fear and anxiety, triggering attacks and violence to break out on a daily basis. Elizabeth, always having a strong spiritual connection, began learning how to communicate with her angels in her late teens so that she would feel more at peace among the chaos. She closed herself in her bedroom and communicated with them daily, feeling a sense of peace, knowing she was protected and guided at all times-especially by Archangel Michael. She prayed that the fear and darkness she experienced in her home would finally leave.

   Around the same time Elizabeth began having a growing interest in Occult Practices which would evolve into the Wiccan faith. Wicca is a modern earth based religion created by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's in which gathers its roots from pre-christian beliefs & traditions of nothern and western Europe. Wiccans honor a feminine and masculine divinity in nature ,along with celebrating all of nature's seasonal changes and cycles, which make up the Celtic Wheel of The Year. There is also an honoring of the movement of the moon, sun, & planets. It is the interconnection of all nature & the unity of all life. It is called "the craft of the wise". There is a rede that is strictly followed-"AN' YE HARM NONE, DO WHAT YE WILL." Wiccans practice magick, or "the craft" from a place of light. There is absolutely no cursing, hexing, nor egocentric power trips. Many who practice the craft of the wise are your modern day healers and wise men and woman.

   With the growing involvement in angelic communication and Wicca her natural psychic abilities rose even further to the surface, leading her to bring handwritten automatic messages through from her grandparents and other deceased family members, in addition to the incredible healing messages from the angelic realm. It was beginning to be clear to Elizabeth's Mother that her daughter was truly communicating with both angels and spirit, since her daughter could not have possibly known the specific validating information that she was coming out with.

   Elizabeth continued studying and learning more of the magickal arts as well as becoming a student of Reiki Energy Healing. With a love of healing others, she became a certified Master Teacher of both the Japanese Usui and Avalon Faery traditions.

   Before discovering her soul's true potential, Elizabeth originally decided in her early 30's that she wanted to open a Reiki Energy Healing business which also would include mainly Angel readings, but her plans of course would be changed by fate.

   Driven by her compassion for both the living and the dead, she opened herself to the Universe to allow her to be a vessel for service to humanity. The Universe quickly responded in a major way!  Elizabeth soon took on her first Paranormal case, when her very first paid Psychic Medium session quickly turned into a L.I. family's cry for help due to Paranormal disturbances.

   Elizabeth's Mother's friend booked a reading with hopes of getting in touch with her Mother who recently passed, but also revealed that her two year old grandchild was being terrorized by a spirit in their two family home. The 2 year old little girl was haunted by an 8 year old boy who died in the 70's after drowning in the family's cesspool on the very same block. All information Elizabeth revealed in her walk thru would later be validated by a local woman who knew the boy and his family. Not only did Elizabeth initially give an incredibly detailed and accurate description of the boy and his method of passing, she also was able to give the family peace and closure performing a successful crossing over ceremony for a little boy who was lost and afraid. This event would be one of the first that changed the course of Elizabeth's life.

   Following this event Elizabeth and her Mother took a detour and moved to two different states (Sarasota, FL, and Salem, Massachusetts) in order to find a positive fresh start. Elizabeth still at that point had plans to be a professional healer and angel reader in a new state, however it was not meant to be. She required so much healing herself, and was stopped from creating it. She became extremely ill right before moving, suffering extreme physical and energetic symptoms that only worsened when she moved. Her body, mind, and emotions into an extremely alarming situation. The move would truly end up being her own personal "Dark Night Of The Soul."

   While away from N.Y. a very intense and shocking encounter would initially take place in Florida in Oct of 2012  that would literally change EVERYTHING! Elizabeth's angels revealed what she would later find out was her Twin Flame's higher self connecting with her, both in vivid dreams and clear visions while awake. Though she many times questioned the authenticity of this revelation, she received so many signs, synchronicities, and messages directly from the Divine confirming that this was in fact truth. Due to the higher self connection with her Twin she had to quickly learn how to defend herself against the many dark attacks that began while living in Sarasota, Florida and Salem, Massachusetts. Salem in particular was a place saturated with dark energy where negative beings tried harder to get the upper hand and interfere with the connection and her purpose.  Her faith and skill were greatly tested, and it was then that she needed to further learn how to defend herself against the negative energies that were striking out at her on a constant basis. She now had a HUGE incentive to get well! There was a MISSION. Elizabeth learned what her true mission was-Angelic Communication, Mediumship, AND THE PARANORMAL. She would combine all of her gifts that she discovered at that time in order to read, guide, and help those with supernatural occurrences.

   Back on Long Island after approximately two years of intense "spiritual warfare" she immediately threw herself publicly into her true purpose by connecting clients with their angels and guides, as well as helping those with hauntings in her local area. She was called in on cases as soon as she settled into her new place, and the success of those cases gave her the chance to really utilize more of her knowledge and abilities. Little did she know there would be A LOT more to come!

   Her committed inner work on herself resulted in not only in physical healing, but the learning and remembrance of her past life history, as well as the emergence of ALL of her Divine gifts. She learned about the original elemental Atlantian healing system, which has always been her soul's innate healing modality. This healing system of earth, air, fire, and water is utilized for energy work across all 3 planes (physical, etheric, and astral) and also can be used for soul level work. It would be one of the main requirements needed for her Spirit Extractions Service. Elizabeth reclaimed the knowledge and consciousness levels required to fully utilize all gifts unique to her being in order to offer incredibly detailed readings, and to extract ALL various types of dark beings and negative energies of ALL levels via her light body vehicle. This UNIQUE work not only has the ability to address lower energies in physical spaces, but it also lends itself to clear, heal, and activate the soul all according to Divine Will. This incredible remote method enables Elizabeth to assist people all over the world without the added vulnerability and limitation of being present in the physical.

   Whether calling Elizabeth for an in depth & validating reading that will guide you on your life's path & connect you with your angels and loved ones in spirit, or allowing her to extract the darkness that has traumatized you and your loved ones, it is truly her heart's desire to bring healing, wisdom, balance and understanding to all of her clients. Her Divine Services are truly powerful on all fronts! Where there is darkness there is always a light, and Elizabeth Grove is one of those bright lights in a world that is transitioning and ascending to a higher dimension filled with unconditional love and oneness.



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