Angels, angels, angels. We would like to speak on behalf of the angelic realm regarding what has been taking place on your beloved gaia. There is a sense of negativity that has been spreading among many of the earth angels, light workers, and human angels. There is a layer of this energy being dismantled at this time and many are feeling it very strongly having, revisited old wounds, feelings, and disappointments that you once assumed were gone. This layer is the last to go before the December 21st Solstice comes with an influx of light and awakening which will set the stage for the most incredible year yet! 2017 will be a beginning for more than a few of you to truly step into who you are,


Yes, I felt a blog coming on, and in a SUPER big way!! For those who are sensitive or empathic you can definitely tell that there is a feeling in the air of BIG things underway. I know I definitely can! I will talk about it from my own intuitive feelings, and from the messages I have been getting from my angels and guides. With any of my blogs, if you resonate with it, great! If not, that's okay too. If it helped you in any way I am perfectly happy because that's why I share so much of myself these days. It's the hope that if someone out there feels validate, and perhaps it makes there life easier, then-BINGO! I've just done my job. ;) Okay, NOVEMBER. Honestly, I didn't even realize there w

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