The Light & Dark of Spiritual Social Media

I need to speak out on what's been transpiring lately, both from my own personal experiences, and from what I have been hearing from some friends of mine on Social Media. As you wouldn't find a hard time believing, there are two sides of EVERYTHING-a positive and negative, a pro and con, a light and dark. This blog will be focused on the various spiritual communities, and the interactions and information that is currently available. Now, imagine for a moment that I am a newly "AWAKENED" person who just is starting to understand that there is so much more in the Universe than my 3D physical body and the boxed in awareness that I have gave a second thought of being severely limited. I am begi

Powerful Cosmic Combo This Harvest Moon

I'm back without time to spare, because I am guided to share what spirit has been revealing to me with this extremely powerful cosmic combination! So let's get this straight.. FULL HARVEST/RAVEN MOON, MOON WITHIN PISCES, LUNAR ECLIPSE, WITHIN MERCURY RETRO GRADE, SOON TO BE EQUINOX. Uhhhh....okay guys are you feeling this one? lol If you aren't you are either way above human or not human at all. ;) Alright, so let's get into what spirit shared with me. This will most likely confirm much of what spirit has already told you. The intensity of the cosmic event we are experiencing right now is nothing short of "EMOTIONAL". That would definitely be the word here! There is a stirring that is going

Asking Your Spiritual Team For Direction

I felt a pull to write this blog because I think that it just may help people get their power back when they feel they are stuck with little to no options. Many clients who come to me for readings often mention that they got a sense or felt that they knew something, but they just weren't sure until I validated it with their spiritual team. Believe me I love to be able to validate because that's my calling and my job, but I also like to empower my clients and otherwise to explore their own inner knowing, and to not be afraid to contact their angels and guides on their own asking them whatever it is that would be in their highest good to know. Yes, you can! You see, despite what many would th

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