NEW YEARS EXCITEMENT-The Year Of Manifestation 2017!

Well it's that time again, New Years Eve. Some are now cheering, others now groaning. lol Yes, I understand. There are many different reactions to New Years. Some may even feel down, lonely, or depressed at this time, but for those who have been deeply committed to their spiritual growth this past year, there is much to be excited about regarding the coming year! I am hoping those of you who are drawn to reading this will share the great news-simply because what I am about to speak about ( referring to the recent angelic channel regarding the Winter Solstice) will put a pep in your step, and perhaps may inspire a Michael Jackson moonwalk or snap kick! Hey.. if the spirit moves you, why not?

WINTER SOLSTICE 2016- New Light Codes Support Twin Flame Union

Greetings to all who are reading this message, for it is quite an important one. We are here to share the incredible news that some of you may not be aware of. The Dec 21st Solstice is indeed a pivotal point in many spiritual journeys. We completely understand how many of you seem very down and very lonely this time of year, but do not fear-because this is only but an illusion of the ego mind and it is most definitely having its last go round in 2016 for many of you who have been on the spiritual journey-especially to those who have been on the Twin Flame journey. Now that it is here, we will disclose why these energies are so magnificent and how they will transform and transmute. Let us men

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