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Angels, Angels, Angels! Welcome dear beloveds! This is quite a remarkable and miraculous time for all on planet earth! The Golden Age is upon us all! We promised that this would arrive and many of you were able to tap into our message and trust in this good news by working on yourself and sharing the message with all who would embrace it. We would like to thank those who believed that this time in humanity would come, and they not only prepared their own energetic blueprint and bodies, but they also were able to prepare others by sharing this truth and revealing our messages and tips on how to take part in self care and spiritual expansion. You have all done such a wonderful job in stepping into your Divine selves and it has brought you to this moment which will change everything that you knew! What is the Golden Age some of you will ask? It is simply a time where the golden light of source God/Goddess ReUnite and those on the planet earth shall do the same. The Unification of self feminine and Masculine and the outside embodiment of what is known as The Twin Flame Dynamic . It is not limited to only the Twin Flame dynamic for it is the reunification of all beings, as the Golden Light Codes create a brand new higher earth that shall put an end to all DIS-HARMONY upon your planet. All that has been out of balance shall now be brought back into balance, and this, beloveds shall end all chaotic imbalances. Those who still wish to believe the false illusions of fear and hopelessness shall still remain within that energy, but we say to them that that is merely a choice. The light has come for Planet Earth, and all one need do is step out of the fear and EMBRACE the golden light that is of Divine origin. Christ light is abound, and it is the remembrance of the Christ self that will set off a domino effect of transmuting all who are still struggling between the ego and the heart. It will act as a beacon of light that all will be drawn to and effected by. Still, of course those who wish to stay in their fear can if they choose, but it will be very difficult to remain with such magnificent light and love abound! It will not take long for those who are meant for greater things to awaken and to remember in a joyous dance of self awareness and self divinity! This is the ultimate Intervention and has begun! Still of course, this will happen in stages and will ease those who have been asleep into the next phase and the ultimate phase of being which is of 5D consciousness.

It is a beautiful new beginning for your planet. It is a time of celebration and to leave all the old paradigm behind. The struggles of the old paradigm were to get you all to this point of understanding and evolution. Do not view it as unnecessary suffering. All that you have been through and overcome was for your highest good of growth and higher learning. All was placed perfectly, all played out perfectly. Nothing was out of place on your journey. Be grateful and bless those obstacles with a full heart of love. YOU HAVE BECOME. The planet has BECOME. We are here to assist all of you when called upon. We are here to guide and to encourage all who wish to move on in the light, making peace with the dark. You can now all see much clearer with the lights on. The bright golden light makes everything apparent-most of all TRUTH. Where the truth was hard to detect , now it will be very obvious. The truth tellers from those who are false will be crystal clear. It can be felt very strongly. All is exposed with the Golden Age. There is nowhere to hide any longer. Those who are negative or dark beings shall be exposed for the illusionists that they have always been. The sides of the story will be well defined. Energetically you will relate to others who resonate, no longer only relying on merely their outward "appearance." Oh, yes. appearances have been quite deceiving the last 6 months leading up to this age. It is that the dark beings that wished to be included in this beautiful age in order for their devious plans to survive and their impact to take hold. They wanted to spread apocalyptic versions of the new energies that were about to transform the planet. They have all been false and thus these imposters have now been dealt with. Their plans have been exposed, their true identities revealed. This is what they have feared, THEIR EXPOSURE. This is what they feared-TRUE UNIFICATION of souls. This is what they feared LOVE AND JOYOUS NEW BEGINNINGS. This is what they feared-DIVINE REMEMBRANCE. Now is the time, and we are so proud that the light has been strong within so many of you. The lightworkers, angelics, human angels, and those of Universal light Consciousness on other planets have joined forces and have brought their Divine gifts and their truth to those who needed it most. To those who have falsified these beautiful gifted souls of light, they now stand exposed and encapsulated. They do not have the means or energies to continue their illusions and this is because the LIGHT HAS WON. The back and forth pull is over. It is now THE LIGHT, and those of the dark who have no shelter-nowhere to run, no other plan to go on. They are vulnerable.

Blessed souls of Golden Light, we ask that you embrace what has been given! The downloads, the light codes, the Divine remembrance that will assist in you creating exactly what it is you desire very quickly! It is this ability to co-create and co-manifest that will change life as you knew it. It will all be right at your fingertips! The souls of your soul family will travel back, attracted back to what was once whole. Twin Flames you shall travel back together in joyous re-union and show the planet what it means to give unconditional love to mankind. The Unification is here. The Golden Age is here. Embrace it and return to LIGHT.

Blessings and thank you for allowing us to speak. Angels, Angels, Angels.

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