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Angels, Angels, Angels.

We are here to speak about something that many of you have been very concerned about since the year began. There is a force that has been creating magnificent changes and the New Year of the Chinese Tradition has come in order to inspire the inner fires within and to let you know how those inner fires become outer fires this year of the Rooster. The inner fires are what you are all cultivating at this time in your solitude- liken to the dark sky and the lantern. The wishes of these lanterns begin as a spark, and then the lantern is set a aflame, then the lanterns float into the darkness, a beacon of light and hope as we have been explaining to you for so long.

Your wishes are a reflection of the inner fire that you are able to create within you, within your own dark sanctuary. The blanket of night will soon have a rebirth of light that will shine and travel up to the heavens. It is the soul fire-the soul fire that becomes a shining beautiful display, and with many more, the night sky becomes a decorative celebration that can be witnessed by others under a sky that may not have these lights of hope.

There seems to be a silence you say-a quiet nighttime of a phase. Some are very confused, some fearful, some quite sad, but we say to you that there is no better time for a night sky than NOW. Igniting your own wish lantern, your own soul light, your own gifts, inspirations, and renewed hope is the time we have given to you so that you can then light up the night sky. It is not as dark as many say. It is a canvas. A canvas that will soon have many of the soul's fires creating a light very much like the sun.

At this time, what do you wish for? What is it that you wish to send to the heavens? What does your own unique soul fire say to you? In the darkness of your own sanctuary find these answers by looking into the dark void. The answers dear ones will come. We are sending many messages to those who do not know where to turn next. We are orchestrating the miracles in the darkness. We know what you desire, what you need-request it and if it is in your highest good, we shall most certainly give you the strong happiness of your soul fire's desire. Speak to us in your darkest times, your silent times, your confusing times. Take the time that you require to hear and feel your soul fire. Once this happens you are ready to take off into the world, joining the others who have done the same. The dark sky shall be a display of hope and truth.

Wishes, prayers, meditation, transformation, readiness soon approaching is taking place in many of your lives at this time. You may feel your light has been put out, or dimmed. This is only the ego mind convincing you that your light can never be a flame-a flame that can transform and transmute others in the world. Do not let these fears keep you from being that light. Though the world appears to be in peril that can never be reversed-DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR HOPE AND PRAYERS. We are assisting each and every one of you on your own individual journeys. We are receiving your wishes or prayers in the night sky. We know what you mean to the world. We know your chosen path. We know your potential to be a great flame.

We ask you to surrender your fears of your self worth and the world. We ask you to focus on your inner light, and what that light will mean to the world. As more of you find your inner light, you will attract more who resonate with your flame. As more and more flames display, the joy and passion shall be quite a force of change. It is change that is upon us- A POSITIVE change that those who only see the day can't see in the night. The night holds many messages that many are not cognizant of. It is only the strong ones who venture into the night and seek out that which they had trouble seeing. It is those who find that there is a light in the darkness which can be harnessed. From the darkness there is a gift of a brand new beginning. There is a new beginning that shall truly be miraculous and ever so beautiful!

This season we ask you to light a candle in the darkness. May that candle be red or orange in color. Focus on that flame, and see your soul as that same flame. Learn of your own energy, your own passion, your own willingness to create and to heal. This gift of fire will more than likely be your life's mission, your heart's true love in the form of people and situations. This will unfold. It is time. Thank you and remember that you are a powerful being, and that we are helping you to discover this so that you may act on it. We are here to guide you. We are here to love you. We are here to help you in all ways.

Angels, Angels, Angels.

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