Angels, Angels, Angels. We are here to speak about something that many of you have been very concerned about since the year began. There is a force that has been creating magnificent changes and the New Year of the Chinese Tradition has come in order to inspire the inner fires within and to let you know how those inner fires become outer fires this year of the Rooster. The inner fires are what you are all cultivating at this time in your solitude- liken to the dark sky and the lantern. The wishes of these lanterns begin as a spark, and then the lantern is set a aflame, then the lanterns float into the darkness, a beacon of light and hope as we have been explaining to you for so long. Your wi


Beloveds, it is us, and we wish to to make this message known at this time. It is our pleasure and privilege to relay this message, and although some of you are not correctly receiving this message, let us clarify it for you so you no longer are swept into the overwhelming depths of false fears. This news shall be a gift, and it is up to you whether or not you accept this gift at this time, because it is most certainly being offered. Those of you who have been on the Twin Flame journey shall be very happy to hear the message that we are about to reveal. This year of 2017 is to be a very active year for many reasons. Yes we understand that world events are likely to be triggers for many, and

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