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Growing Into Spring-Manifestation Magick

Here we are with Spring upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. The Vernal Spring Equinox on March 20th, also known as the Celtic Sabbat of Ostara brings us much to get excited about! Not only do we in the colder wintery hemisphere get to no longer feel like we are hibernating, but ALL of life will no longer be hibernating. A wakefulness has begun, and this indeed will CHANGE things within and without.

The Winter months can seem dreary and even depressing at times. Being enclosed has both its ups and downs. The positive note of Winter is that we mirror nature as we go within, embracing the warmth of of our own beings and personal living quarters. Our biological clock slows down, and so we are naturally ushered into an inward reflective phase. This phase of inertia is in place in order for us to recognize what would no longer be in our highest good to keep-thus a lot of our releasing work happens in the reflective months. These months can be challenging as we attempt to balance out our energetic and physical bodies to make way for the new. Nurturing ourselves becomes even more important during the winter months, because so much energy rises to the surface and then dissipates. It can be draining at times, and so rest is crucial.

With the arrival of Spring, there is a spark that is growing within us. A new energy that may seem only like a glimmer in the dark, but it's MOVEMENT is palpable. The earth is feeling this as well. Like a seed that is germinating, Spring brings an energy of "GROWTH." This energy is what is ushering the plant life to slowly awaken from it's long slumber, and the animals to begin to come out and be heard and seen. The sun is growing in its strength, hence making the days longer. This season's energy is one to tap into for any type of goal oriented magick. Natural magick can be utilized by anyone. You don't have to belong to any particular religion or subscribe to a specific path or spiritual labeling. Magick in its simplest definition IMO is "WORKING WITH SOURCE COMBINED WITH THE NATURAL ELEMENTS DRIVEN BY INTENT TO MANIFEST A DESIRED CHANGE." Since energy is available to us all, we can all co-create and co-manifest in order to change our reality. Some may view all magick as an evil practice. This is incorrect! It is only the INTENT of the practitioner that is either used in a positive or negative manner. Being creative is our birthright, and working out of love with nature's energies is perfectly okay. So if you find that you have been in a slump lately, or have hit the snooze button on your deepest wishes and ambitions why not take advantage of the new fresh energy that Mother Nature offers during this season?

Manifesting can be as easy or complex as you wish it to be. Some like to create an elaborate alter as a feast for the eyes of one who is highly visual. This could even lend itself to vision board creations. I particularly love both of these ideas as a visual person. I like to add objects to an alter ( even decorative oracle cards) so that I can meditate on them in order to bring out the strongest emotional response possible. I have a medium sized cauldron in which I like to fill with objects that are connected to my goals. This is an alter piece I will never be without for the beautiful Goddess symbolism that is represents. In the case of vision boards, I love making them and working with them. It's fun and empowering to find the pictures I will connect with and react to the most, and put them all together in a collage that is unique and personalized. The collage will have a theme or INTENT that will help me to focus on my visualization of what I wish to achieve. Placing the vision board in an area where I would always see it would enable me to keep the focus going, therefore strongly stimulating my mind and strengthening the vision regarding what I wish to bring into physical reality. Vision boards can do wonders if pictures are what you strongly connect with.

For those who are very "earthy" I would recommend Mojo bags as a wonderful way to focus on a new goal. There is no set rule to a Mojo bag. It is basically a magickal talisman where the color of the bag and what is placed inside it have properties that will support your desired outcome. There are many herbs, crystals, and stones that can be chosen for this, but as I usually suggest to people: Choose only what resonates with you! Let it speak to you without getting anxious about what to pick. Yes, certain herbs and stones do carry certain properties, but don't get hung up on if you are doing it incorrectly or not. F.e. If you are manifesting health you may feel the color BLUE would represents this, someone else may feel it is GREEN. Go with what YOU feel is the association. Other ideas would be to work with pendants as talismans. Specific sigils, metals, stones, woods, ect. can be empowered with intent to bring your desire into reality. Make sure to cleanse and THEN charge ( empower) this pendant. There are many wonderful shops that sell crystal or gem jewelry as well as symbolic and sigil jewelry. A new piece ( or even one you haven't worked with in a while) could be a beautiful way of empowering your Spring magick! Other earthy ways could be listening to Shamanic drumming music and envisioning your earthly goals as if they already came to fruition. Others may feel that Tibetan bowls would be a powerful way of sending prayers out into the Universe. Picking up one and working with it in this way is a beautiful Tibetan ceremonious way of manifesting.

For all you writers out there, I could suggest using prayer boxes or spell boxes. Writing your goals and ambitions down on paper while focusing and intending can do wonders! After your have released this energy onto the paper, fold the paper ( perhaps 3x) and place it in the box KNOWING ( Trusting fully) that your prayers are being heard and answered by the Universe. The main trick is when you place it in the box your BELIEF remains concrete. Placing it in the box seals the deal. ;) As a Druidess I absolutely love poetry, and find it HIGHLY magickal! Let your truest emotions out in a creative and honest way. It doesn't have to be award winning published poetry just as long as you are honest in your words. Allow these emotional words to color your mind with your goal. You can read the poem as often as you would like. It can be day and night, or right before you sleep by candlelight. Yes, I am having Victorian fantasies here. lol Again, if you have to channel some historical drama and that helps you out-go for it!

Honestly, there are so many ways to work with this growing energy! There are candles and incense to assist in this as well. Prayers on a candle's flame or on the smoke of incense has been used by the ancients for eons! Hey, if it ain't broke! Keep in mind some of the most simple rituals can be the most powerful! I have partaken in both and can say that bigger is not always better. It's what is going to bring the BEST OUT OF YOU.

So get creative and get excited! Don't cling on to what didn't work in the past! Leave it, and embrace the new! Furthermore, dropping negative words and phrases will do a whole lot of good! Phrases like "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN" "NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT FOR ME" " I DON'T HAVE" will only manifest the opposite of what you want. Introduce new positive language of "WHAT YOU DO HAVE" and what "YOU ARE ATTRACTING NOW." See it as if you are already have it is the key to opening the right doors. If you need some help in this area perhaps turning to affirmations in a book or on oracle cards can inspire you. Many do not realize how damaging their words are when it comes to bringing certain people and events into their lives! Remember- YOU'RE EVERYDAY HABITUAL WORDS HAVE STRONG ENERGY! If you feel that you do this often, becoming of aware of it is the first step of weeding it out. You might want to write down some of these phrases, acknowledge them and then come up with a positive replacement phrase that WOULD manifest the positive. It isn't easy to break a habit, so don't be too hard on yourself if you mess this one up, but you have plenty of support from the Spring energies of change to do so. Practice makes perfect!

Well, there you have it! I hope that perhaps some of these ideas peaked your interest, and that you can feel empowered by your own ability to co-create and co-manifest new positive changes with the Universe! It's all about ENERGY. Our interconnections with our own energy and the energies around us can create nothing short of miraculous results if we work with it in a positive respectful manner, and then trusting in the process and timing of it. HAPPY SPRING!! Everything is beginning to move again, so tap into this supportive season! Wishing all of you who are reading this a blessed and enchanted time of growth and change!

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