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Letting Your Journey Take It's Course- Guided Action Versus Force

I feel that this particular blog just may be very useful to many of you at this time. It's probably one of the most challenging aspects of a long drawn out spiritual journey, in which one may be feeling quite frustrated, anxious, ready to give up, or instead ready to fall back into desperation mode in order to "TRY AND SPEED THINGS UP." Some of you who may feel impatient right now or in any way discontented with your present situation may default to grabbing the reigns in attempts to push a person to speak, think, or act in certain ways or to push the events in any other area of your life ( outside of yourself of course ) in order to perhaps end the silence or unsatisfactory experiences of the physical. These lower energetic acts of desperation are always driven by the fear based ego in order to accelerate events in order to avoid anymore suffering in order to reach the final destination -"HAPPINESS". If there were an exact map of what to do, what to say, and a magick compass pin pointing where to travel or move to in order to "GET TO THE END ALREADY"-honestly would you opt for that now instead? Alright, be honest! lol If you immediately smiled and got excited with this option, then you may just want to keep reading this, because it may not be all that you had hoped for! In fact- this thought pattern might have been the very road block keeping you from cruising further down the path at this time-EVEN "WITH" all the galactic shifts and Divine Intervention at this time.

I understand what many of you mean when you say ," I HAD ENOUGH". It makes sense given so much intensity with many of the most challenging Divine Processes. I have had many sessions with clients and discussions with those who are either on social media or who are subscribers to my channel who have been having so much trouble accepting what doesn't seem to be working out in their favor. What usually follows at some point is this ultra brave yet misguided plan to become the superhero by "MAKING IT HAPPEN." Nine times out of ten this strong determined force of "MAKING IT HAPPEN" seems pretty damn exciting and empowering ( it may even have it's own score or soundtrack to help motivate!) until "THE PLAN" fails. When it fails there is an awful upsetting shock to the system where hopelessness quickly supersedes any empowerment that was felt from acting as the "misguided Superhero." The intense letdown as a result of our ego's specific expectations and attachment to exact outcomes can feel like years of torture literally squeezing the life force and vital life force right out all in one shot! Not a fun feeling! This lends itself easily to thought that " IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN." It's a HUGE difficult lesson to those who feel that the meaning of taking control of their lives is to literally try and "FORCE" people and events to unfold in accordance to their ego's need in order to fill a void they haven't learned to fill themselves. It massively lowers someone's energy field and manifesting ability, because the focus has now shifted to the thought pattern of- "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN." It's quite an upsetting trap to be feel stuck in which can repeat itself numerous times until someone is able to shift and grow passed it.

Those who have learned how the misguided superhero's "MAKE IT HAPPEN" mantra doesn't make anything happen except "THE UNDESIRED THING" often have to go all the way back to the spiritual drawing board to try and understand what exactly went wrong with their interpretation of "EMPOWERED POSITIVE INTENTIONS." The victimization mode usually follows this reflection-but is the Universe really out to punish? Of course not. The Universe is always reflecting back to us like a great big mirror that in which we are putting out there. The Divine always has our back, but is also PERFECTLY INTELLIGENT in all ways-ways in which many of us cannot see or are consciously aware of yet. The Divine knows the difference between PERFECT TIMING AND POOR TIMING, FORCING IT TO PREMATURELY HAPPEN OR ALLOWING IT TO UNFOLD WHEN ALL IS PREPARED. The Divine also knows when something or someone is just not within someone's soul contract-"YET SOMETHING OR SOMEONE BETTER IS". As souls having a physical experience we chose to come here to learn and grow. Certain experiences with certain people were most definitely preplanned. Yes, it is true that we have free will as human beings, yet it is also true that DIVINE WILL will sometimes need to step in in order to move us back onto the path if we rear too far off. DIVINE TIMING plays into our journeys as well. No matter how badly we "THINK" we are ready or we "NEED" something to happen right now according to our ego's scripting, FORCING is never aligned with the Divine Intelligence. Furthermore, the best solutions are often ones that we have never thought of or didn't even deem possible.

During the time when your desires have not physically manifested, so many important gifts can be recognized and utilized at that time. It is then that seeds are being planted. DIVINE PREPARATION in progress. The process of planting your seeds is one that can't be rushed. Eventually after the tending of these seeds the new growth will come up out of the ground in the best way possible at the best time. The tending of your own seeds would be "MAKING YOU HAPPEN", and the growth would be "LETTING IT HAPPEN." This allows for a natural flow, and a respect for the Perfect Alignment in order to bring forth Miracles. Since we are apart of nature-think about that for a moment. Forcing a beautiful flower to open doesn't help very much does it? Picture your desires as such, and see yourself as that gardener co-creating and co-manifesting with the Divine and embrace the precious time when your visualized outcome has not manifested YET. If the circumstances or Divine soul partnership you have desired has not happened yet or turned out the way you had wanted or your superhero had "planned" - THERE ARE REASONS. IMPORTANT REASONS! Consider this a miracle in itself! Keep in mind that if it's regarding a Divine Soul Partnership-they are also healing, learning, and being assisted by the Divine just like you in the best way for them. Your unconditional love and respect for their processes is required here, and will serve their own personal awakening journey best. Remember your energetic health also effects them and will assist them further.

It's most helpful to realize that this spiritual journey is actually all about YOU. Yes-"YOU." Have you found the highest version of you yet?? Every single person and experience that is attracted into your space is the direct result of your own personal vibration. What is a vibration? Your consciousness ( what you are aware of) plus your frequency ( how often you are aware of it) equals your actual vibration. The higher this is the better. The inner work-the loving connections with our own higher self and the Divine are the keys to "SELF MASTERY." Our ability to think, feel, create, and act with high vibrations in the direction of self mastery is all the plan we would ever need-and it can start right NOW-no conditions necessary! Unconditional love and Happiness IS WITHIN YOU ALWAYS if you reach in and connect with it. " I AM THAT I AM."

Having spoken about what the journey really is about- it is important to understand that our own Divine soul recognition and processes have a direct link to what we physically experience here on earth. These processes do not happen over night-but require commitment to releasing, transmuting, healing, and taking in of higher forms of energy in the perfect way and timing for us. It isn't a rushed process. It requires intention, commitment, belief, faith, and trust in the Divine and these processes-honoring them at each juncture. Especially for those who have soul contracts in this lifetime with Twin Flames. Demanding or FORCING our beloved counterparts to "be ready" only sets up a block for the attraction of Union. If it has not manifested yet- THE DIVINE HAS A BETTER PLAN. ;) I would trust that hands down, superhero. If you want to be a superhero in the best sense, you can be! By all means take each day and strengthen yourself with self love, self acceptance, self care, and perhaps even some inspiration for your fellow man and woman! Embrace your inner God and Goddess, and honor your own Divine beauty and power. You will eventually become a beacon of light for others.

As you Divinely prepare with healing and shifting, it will be easier to receive guidance from Source, your angels and guides. Your needing to "MAKE IT HAPPEN" in the way of forcing the path and its direction will be replaced by a balanced and peaceful self assured spiritual being within a physical body who understands how to co-create and co-manifest with the Divine, and can decipher between "GUIDED ACTION" and "FORCE." As a result of your transformation you will begin to recognize and most importantly TRUST the guidance through signs and feelings. Your communication with higher beings will become clearer and by closely paying attention and listening you will just KNOW when it is time to act. There will be no question about it. There will be no clever scheming and attempts to cut corners. YOU WILL RESPECT AND ACCEPT THE FLOW-and wherever the flow goes, so you will too- and no longer will you feel the fear of turbulent waters. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE SAFELY FLOATING ALONG TO YOUR DESTINATION.

Taking guided action is never a gamble, you see. There is no risk involved. Taking a guided action is like agreeing that you will participate in a beautiful dance with the Divine and all who are involved. "WHEN YOU MOVE, I MOVE." ;) The steps are in sync-and there is no question of whether the Universe will meet your step with its own perfect choreography. There is no worry of tripping or missing a step. It's a dance of movement and SURRENDER. The Divine Orchestration is there hands down for all who are involved. Even if you take a step and cannot anticipate the next-that's the idea. You don't need to and shouldn't try to. The surprises and miraculous unfolding as a result of GUIDED ACTION are not for anyone to try to analyze, but to completely embrace and allow without analyzing it or timing it. This is when you KNOW you have become the ultimate spiritual superhero btw. ;)

To all who have climbed, slid, fell, and even walked off the the path only to slowly tread back on-it's time to take this moment to breathe, exhale, and give thanks to all that has conspired in every single stage along the way-The good, the bad, the ugly, and the REALLY disappointing. Give thanks and honor to them all! They were all gifts in actuality. The dark and light and all the in between had its rightful place in order to teach you and open you- moving you in the right direction of your heart and soul. Remember you were never left alone in any of it. The Divine has always held the compass. Let it be-and let the journey take its course.

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