Growing Into Spring-Manifestation Magick

Here we are with Spring upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. The Vernal Spring Equinox on March 20th, also known as the Celtic Sabbat of Ostara brings us much to get excited about! Not only do we in the colder wintery hemisphere get to no longer feel like we are hibernating, but ALL of life will no longer be hibernating. A wakefulness has begun, and this indeed will CHANGE things within and without. The Winter months can seem dreary and even depressing at times. Being enclosed has both its ups and downs. The positive note of Winter is that we mirror nature as we go within, embracing the warmth of of our own beings and personal living quarters. Our biological clock slows down, and so we are na


Angels, Angels, Angels! Welcome dear beloveds! This is quite a remarkable and miraculous time for all on planet earth! The Golden Age is upon us all! We promised that this would arrive and many of you were able to tap into our message and trust in this good news by working on yourself and sharing the message with all who would embrace it. We would like to thank those who believed that this time in humanity would come, and they not only prepared their own energetic blueprint and bodies, but they also were able to prepare others by sharing this truth and revealing our messages and tips on how to take part in self care and spiritual expansion. You have all done such a wonderful job in stepping

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