The Day Moves And The Night Speaks

I couldn't resist needing to retrace a sculpted face- That chiseled the in-between, Breaking the hearts screen, slipping through morning dew, Shuttering the silent sun and the speaking moon. What softness to a hard night's sleep- Ardent pillow talk seducing hushes of clamour- Brushing wildly the inner voice of crescendo, sedating sunlight's blind-lit travel. How a tingling on the wind can make such a noise, bursting gently forth, To strain the ear that hears, but doesn't LISTEN- To bone-chilling harps composing quite perfectly by the haunted heart. It seems too dangerous to turn to the dawn- For I might crack the glass of his frozen glance, To be set aside for a Witche's Menagerie- Too eeril

The Harvest

The Harvest Lay Dormant and watch. Enter the discreet recesses of the mind, where tangible shortcomings fray. It’s a journey that one can return to- ever so often when the moon eclipses and that relapse rolls on through- and you become you. Your whereabouts are of no concern; they have no bearing on your soul;- that everlasting soul beyond a fragile vessel that insists it is real. A dreamer may dream himself into a world that the mundane shall never maim, and this is his gift-his harvest. The fruits of his labor are vivid flashes of untouchable joy, and never ending ecstasy; woven together in quick past life memories; as so one can reap what he has sewn by the tidings he has known. Who knows

Embracing Your New Light

Here is another channeled blog-basically allowing spirit to speak freely about anything they deem important at this time. Do I know what's coming? Nope. lol Dear Ones, there is so much to discuss with you all and so much that you have experienced already in so many ways that have at times sent a shock wave through you, shifted you into waves of light and ecstasy that you may not have understood or perhaps do not completely understand at this time. The last 6 months have been quite a change in terms of the grid work that has been preparing your planet for its transport into 5D Ascension. This has caused a mass confusion for many, but we are here to speak about how these effects are taking pla

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