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Beloveds, it is us, and we wish to to make this message known at this time. It is our pleasure and privilege to relay this message, and although some of you are not correctly receiving this message, let us clarify it for you so you no longer are swept into the overwhelming depths of false fears. This news shall be a gift, and it is up to you whether or not you accept this gift at this time, because it is most certainly being offered.

Those of you who have been on the Twin Flame journey shall be very happy to hear the message that we are about to reveal. This year of 2017 is to be a very active year for many reasons. Yes we understand that world events are likely to be triggers for many, and we do know that many on your planet will be on different sides of this. This will play out, and of course as always you and your loved ones will be safe as the masses do build with tension and frustration. Those who use free will to partake in violence do not realize that these actions do not help, but only add more to the fire. However, we are not going to get into world events for this particular message-for we have a very important and crucial one to relay regarding TWIN FLAMES.

We are happy to announce that there is much more going on behind the scenes regarding these partnerships then what the Twin Flames realize. The outside 3D version appears to either be very slow, perhaps uneventful, or maybe even painful for some. We are here to tell you that this is INCORRECT, and that is why we are here to speak about it. The hold up in your Union, the so-called FALLING APART of your world as you know it is looked upon with discontent, and is being labeled as such. It seems as if Twin Flames are now turning their backs on the Divine's perfect timing, and foregoing it-even fighting hard against their own very steady progress. Why? It may SEEM as though your progress was once worth something-giving you so much faith that your Union was about to unfold, but now it seems as though this has been traded in for doubt, worry, anxiety, and perhaps anger and disappointment. There are Twins that are putting out these particular illusions, and it is spreading like a wild fire. These negative feelings and thoughts are due to the ego, and because of the light codes that have come into your world recently the ego has been challenged in a very big way. It depends on the individual and their partner- the amount of ego release, and in which ways it will manifest itself. Those with domain may be speaking very fearful words, doubtful language, or words that are self sabotaging. These words will only reflect their own ego, and will not be the overall energetic signature of what we know of as TRUTH at this time. Those who are protectors may be seeing pictures or visions that are full of pain and suffering due to their ego spilling over into these particular gifts. These visions do not reflect the overall energy also. Those who are spreading messages of ego are not correctly addressing the TRUTH of what is happening now.

We ask you at this time to use DISCRETION with so-called Twin Flame teachers who are spreading negativity and doubt in their messages regarding old ideas and patterns that are not longer reflecting the dynamic energies that are serving the Twins so perfectly at this time. Their old patterns are woven into their messages and teachings-even in their channeled messages. This is interference, and will not and does not serve those who have healed and are ready to accept the truth of this phase. Also we ask that you use EXTRA discernment when listening to or watching any Twin Flame teacher on your devices. There are those who are trying to manipulate the truth, those who are cloaked, those who are interfered with, and these messages are harmful because they are lies and illusions. We ask that those on the Twin Flame journey to forego the NEED to listen, read, or watch someone else's truth, and to go within. The melting pot of messages and information regarding this dynamic is becoming very polluted with self importance, ego releases, interference, and constant manipulation of words and images so that they no longer resemble the truth of the matter in which we will now relay.

Beloved's you are READY TO RECEIVE. "BOTH" ARE READY TO RECEIVE, and HAVE BEEN RECEIVING. There seems to be these ideas made of ego that the " AWAKENING TWIN" is severely impaired, will not find their way, have to suffer traumatic upheaval, and they are going to possibly walk blindly around the planet not knowing what is happening or what anything means. THIS IS NOT TRUTH ,THIS IS FEAR. THIS IS THE EGO OF THE AWAKENED ONE projecting that onto the awakening Twin. We would like you to think about how projection can be a very real interference for your Twin, even if done with loving intentions. Projecting what you THINK is happening does not help your Twin at all. In fact, this type of projection is hindering them, and keeping them in the dark longer. These projections also clearly show that you do not fully place faith in the creator. Believe us, the creator has been just as aware of the awakening twin and has been supplying them with all the knowledge, feelings, signs, thoughts, and even helpers in the form of people that would help them fully in any given phase. We understand what is needed. Weren't you the awakening one at one point? Yes, it feels confusing, perhaps overwhelming, but you found your way did you not? For those who are PROTECTOR, don't be THE PROJECTOR. Be the one who stays fully planted in faith and trust. Surrender to the Creator.

We are here to tell you that the most magickal period is upon us. It is liken to a Castle being built, NOT a tower falling down. We do mean this for both Twins. The preparation is being perfected. The light codes are magnificently doing their job-especially the 3D ones. Love is filling the voids, Love is creating MAJOR changes for the Twins. Don't let your ego tell you otherwise. These changes are POSITIVE, and again what seems to be taking place may be shocking in some areas of your life-especially old friendships and old ways of thinking and being falling away quickly, but this is NOT a bad thing if you do not view it that way. View it for what it is- DIVINE PREPARATION. We want you to remember those two words any time you wish to wash the Twin Flame journey into a stormy sea. The storm has been addressed. Those who have been on the journey have much to be excited and satisfied with! The work that we are partaking in will truly be on 3D shortly. The red carpet is being dusted off, then cleaned. You will now spiritually and physically walk that carpet in UNION. So why are you worried? Perhaps are you getting caught up in your own ego projections? Are you receiving illusionary information? Are you not believing that life can actually be THAT magickal and beautiful? Do you feel undeserving? Again, these would be patterns to release so you could continue to appreciate DIVINE PREPARATION. We are the timing, will, and Intelligence. Ask us what you wish to know. Do not fall into the worry trap. Do not burden yourself with the events of your "awaking Twin" or view them as those who lack or who are not keeping up, or will not comply. Again these projections do not serve the Union. Instead give thanks for the DIVINE PREPARATION that is given at the right time-just enough for them to handle. All there is now is JOY and RECEIVING. All there is is adequate energy. All there is is cleaning off the red carpet.

The 3D world has trouble functioning without holding tightly to ego and all its illusionary scenarios. It is known that your planet thrives on things going wrong, relationships falling apart, disputes arising, and differences of opinions. Even with Twin Flames we are seeing that it is being molded into a CONCEPT versus THE TRUTH. We see divisions and revisions made, even with the greatest Divine Love dynamic that ever existed. These do not have to pollute your journey. The sunlight will shine through as you remove the clouds that are are dimming the truth. We tell you the light is stronger than ever this year! We are shining it for both Protector and Domain, both awakened and awakening. No one is being left out. No one is being forgotten. The light is showing the way in the ways that both individuals are feeling strongly! You are both being walked home to each other. Let the other receive so that they will open. You are receiving so you can open as well. The time of light is here! Drink it, breathe it, share it with your other. No matter where they are physically or who they may be with, THEY ARE FEELING IT AND RECEIVING THE CALLING CARD. Envision the golden sunlight of Spring shining down on them as they stand in a tall field of grass. The winter has melted away and a new beginning unfolds. See your awakening Twin RECEIVING THE DIVINE PREPARATION. It is filling them to the brim from their crown down with love, peace, and remembrance. It is giving them the skills and knowledge necessary for Union. Then see yourself walk into the field. Take in this light as well. Feel it come through your crown and fill you to the brim. Then envision taking your beloved's hand. Now you both bask in the sunlight of this energy, both mixing it and combining it. Your Union NOW IS DIVINELY PREPARED FOR PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION. Believe and you shall receive.

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