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Yes, I felt a blog coming on, and in a SUPER big way!! For those who are sensitive or empathic you can definitely tell that there is a feeling in the air of BIG things underway. I know I definitely can! I will talk about it from my own intuitive feelings, and from the messages I have been getting from my angels and guides. With any of my blogs, if you resonate with it, great! If not, that's okay too. If it helped you in any way I am perfectly happy because that's why I share so much of myself these days. It's the hope that if someone out there feels validate, and perhaps it makes there life easier, then-BINGO! I've just done my job. ;)

Okay, NOVEMBER. Honestly, I didn't even realize there was the super moon of all super moons coming up on the 14th. Sorry, my bad! lol I've been pretty busy lately, which I feel is a good thing! Before taking a look at my calendar, I did get the strong sense that this was a big month of things moving in a very FAST direction, so I am kind of glad I actually missed checking the moon, and went solely off what I was intuitively receiving. Acceleration like "THE CHARIOT" is what I have been getting, which is why I decided to put that in the title. I have been receiving that card in the Tarot a lot this month and for very good reason. The movement that we have been waiting for with areas of our lives that felt stagnant are now up and going at a pace that can only be compared to THE CHARIOT. I know what some of you may be thinking out there..really? Where? I don't see him and her coming forward, or I am not sure still what my mission or life purpose it, ect ect. Well, let me just say this-November is working deeply and swiftly BEHIND THE SCENES AND ALL HAS BEEN PLANTED. If you take anything from reading this blog, take what I just stated in bold. The work has been very difficult, I hear ya. I've been there. There has been so much transformation happening this past year that it literally has many tired of this whole entire thing. Believe me I can understand. Many asking, "When are things going to physically happen for me?" My spiritual team told me the answer to this, and so I will pass it on to you too, because the answer is simple. NOW! Yes. All is happening NOW! Everything that needed to be addressed in terms of purging the very deepest of mental, emotional, and even physical toxins that have been clouding the path have strongly played out during the year, and it has set the stage for where many of us are at, which is NOW! Do you remember that hilarious scene with Dark Helmet from Spaceballs the movie? "What the hell are we looking at?" We're looking at NOW. Everything that is happening, is happening now." "Whatever happen to then?" "We passed then." "When?! "Just now." Sorry, love that movie and it's exactly the kind of humor we could use after all the very brave and deep inner work we have partaken in. lol There's a payoff, believe me. When's the payoff? SOON. lol ;)

The point is this-everything that we have been working so hard to manifest is now here if we choose to ALIGN WITH IT. Let's talk about that. Aligning is literally the key to what we desire to experience on the physical plane ( always has been) , but again it is up to us to do the inner work and co-create and co-manifest that into physical reality. Yes, the Divine energies are absolutely supporting our true Divine love partnerships and life purposes at this time, and everything that has happened to us thus far has lead us to the beautiful AVAILABILITY now offered so very powerfully by the Divine energies. Still, it is a CHOICE to align with it. How do you align with it? First of all, by not doubting it or fearing it in any way, shape or form.Those types of thoughts are on the lower end of the spectrum and DO NOT SUPPORT alignment with anything positive manifesting into your reality. Aligning with the Divine is about envisioning and living as though you already have everything that you asked for. ( hint, truth is you do not NEED anything or anyone to complete you or make life happy for you. The controls are yours. You are made to be complete already. ;) TRUST, SURRENDER, ENVISION, KNOW, FEEL, and INTEND all hat you wish to bring into 3D reality. Keeping your thoughts and emotions positive, and your vibrations high are crucial in order to succeed in this. If you ever wanted to test this out, try your hand at it on 11/11/16. 11:11 is a spiritual gateway that will very much accelerate into your physical reality whatever you are thinking and feeling at the time, for better or for worse-so NOW is the time to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Then after that? LET IT HAPPEN. Making it happen is not about forcing a person or situation to suddenly act or happen according to your ego's needs. Making It happen in the Divine sense is about YOU MAKING YOU HAPPEN. Aligning is all about staying with your truth and keeping yourself as peaceful and balanced as possible while living out the very reason why you decided to incarnate in the first place. For those who have Twin Flame's on the waiting dock, they don't have to be WAITING there any longer, and you don't have to putting out the message of WAITING to the Universe any longer! You can take hold of the Union that is NOW, by ALIGNING WITH IT, NOW. No more excuses, no more doubts, no more 3D triggers, no more I don't know if I'm good enough or ready for it. These are all thoughts related to falling out of alignment. WHEN YOU FALL OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH YOURSELF YOU FALL OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH EVERYTHING POSITIVE THAT YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO MANIFEST. Catch yourself when you are doing this, and turn it around this month.

With both the 11:11 gateway this month and a Super Moon of all super moon's ( being the closest to the earth and appearing the biggest to us) you have everything right at your fingertips. Consider it an early Christmas. Those presents are under the tree just a little bit earlier. They are actually there NOW. How cool is that? Yes they are. Don't see them? If you don't see them, then align yourself with THE NOW-and you will clearly see that chariot will be ready and most willing to carry it out into 3D at a supper speed in miraculous way you could not even have imagined, nor even should have worried about. Eckhart Tolle knew what he was talking about when he wrote "THE POWER OF NOW." Harness the power of your own thoughts, and seize these massive energies this November. Take the straps of the chariot and drive it forward where the path is already laid out for you, because you did such an awesome job of sticking with it all.

The Chariot with its fast moving action takes two opposites, brings them together, merging them into a synergy of motion and successful outcome. Again, this card comes up a lot this month. Don't be afraid of this fast action, because you have worked way too hard for way too long to not deserve it or be ready for it. NOW IS THE TIME. What better time than now anyway? If I sound redundant its because I'm speaking with Chariot energy! lol I'm driving home my point strongly so that perhaps it will sink in, and you will understand that the Divine never kept you a prisoner or kept you unhappy, lonely, or poor. The Divine wants you to be happy, in love, and basically abundant in every area of your life. It's your right to have all of these things. It is also the gift of free will that can either make it or break it. I say, why don't we make it?

Let this month's Divine assistant assist you, and fully accept this assistance, allowing it to penetrate the truth within your heart center. IT KNOWS WHATS ITS DOING. Patience, my friends. Patience doesn't have to be waiting, patience is understanding and trusting that all is being pieced together under the surface while you are out being the best happy, loving, and productive version of you. Patience with the Divine DOES pay off. Waiting DOES NOT. Waiting only aligns with more waiting, and will throw you off the path on a longer route your chariot does not need to ride on. Patience aligns with TRUST after you took guided action, or TRUST before receiving that guided action. It's learning how to dance with grace, and move with the tide.

The red carpet awaits. The trumpets are about to sound off when you decide to align with the now, and choose to say yes to what you want and keep it a strong resounding angelic YES! YES! YES! Ride that chariot under the power of the moonlight on a path leading straight to what you have worked so hard for, and let that balance between the masculine and feminine energies emerge in the sweetest of ways- the ways in which you envision and believe they could be.

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