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NEW YEARS EXCITEMENT-The Year Of Manifestation 2017!

Well it's that time again, New Years Eve. Some are now cheering, others now groaning. lol Yes, I understand. There are many different reactions to New Years. Some may even feel down, lonely, or depressed at this time, but for those who have been deeply committed to their spiritual growth this past year, there is much to be excited about regarding the coming year! I am hoping those of you who are drawn to reading this will share the great news-simply because what I am about to speak about ( referring to the recent angelic channel regarding the Winter Solstice) will put a pep in your step, and perhaps may inspire a Michael Jackson moonwalk or snap kick! Hey.. if the spirit moves you, why not? The point of the blog is that the spirit IS moving you- into the life that you worked so hard for in 2016. Before we talk about 2017 let's take a look back at 2016.

2016 was most definitely what I refer to as "THE GAME CHANGER" year. For those on the spiritual path who were searching and hoping to figure out who they are and what their potential was, it was certainly an unforgettable year on all fronts. It really forced us to look within, and work through every nook and cranny we sometimes didn't care to. We were frustrated, shocked, then shocked again as to the many transformations that were taking place both inwardly and outwardly. What we thought we knew, we no longer did. When we thought we had things down, the Divine came in and guided us to something completely different. In fact, Divine Intervention was key in 2016. Before 2016, many of us were wondering HOW things would happen, and what we were suppose to do mission was. There was much confusion, and some may have even felt hopeless at some junctures. Divine Intervention came in the Spring of 2016, and it literally changed EVERYTHING! Divine remembrance, Twin Flame recognition, and mission recall were presented to us in phases, and at that time many of us truly dove in head first to shift everything that had to in order for us to prepare to live out the important purpose that we signed up for. There were many layers to get through-many doors that were previously closed to us, but then became open. Our wants and desires kept rapidly changing, our earthly preferences were being shattered, and our perspective was shifting higher and higher towards the light. Our consciousness levels kept climbing due to us doing the challenging inner work by releasing what no longer served us, as well as resolving past life issues such as Dharma and Karma that were preventing us from moving forward. There were MANY prayers going out to Archangel Michael, and many of us revisiting timelines that were either Divinely inspiring or painfully enlightening. There were periods of great sorrow and exhaustion, followed by periods of indescribable highs that made us want to push onward. Felt bi-polar? It may have felt that way due to all of this PLUS the many many many powerful cosmic events that powerfully activated us. Whoah!! Now THAT was pretty much only summarizing 2016!! What a ride! What a rush! Yet, 2017 holds MUCH promise due to all of 2016's mind blowing transformations.

2017 I will name "THE YEAR OF MANIFESTATION." For those who are familiar with the Tarot-THE MAGICIAN would be the card to represent this. They have said good things come to those who wait, but the truth is " GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WORK"-NOT WAIT. For the ones who have done the incredibly challenging inner work, and stood the course, 2017 will be set to DELIVER. Yes- DELIVER. You didn't really think you did ALL of that for nothing, now did ya? ;) With the tools you've gained now securely in your tool belt, with your confidence now driving you to take bigger chances, and all the while staying connected to your spiritual team surrendering to their Divine Will and Intelligence-YOU ARE NOW READY TO EXPERIENCE THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS. Yes. You do reap what you sew. The seeds were very much planted over several years with 2016 pretty much sealing the deal. In the New Year we will begin to watch those seeds come up from the ground. ( look for a very lively Spring & Summer) The lush beautiful experiences that once only danced within your inner world will now reflect in the outer world. The wonderful news is you will now be in the place to truly appreciate that outward manifestation because you have honored the spiritual relationships first, and had that be the focus. You now very much realize without a shadow of a doubt that the spiritual relationship IS what is most important, and that the physical 3D reality is only the bonus that will eventually transition back into our immortal spiritual realities. The 3D reality is quite short, and time is but an illusion. We have come to realize the truth of this-the truth of what LIFE really means and what it encompasses. The physical reflections will now be accepted as GIFTS not to be taken for granted. This is definitely worthy of CELEBRATION!!

So are you still feeling upset over watching a ball drop on just one night on T.V. perhaps because you may be without a date who isn't at all a soul partner? Are you disappointed because you weren't invited to hang out in a place where many unconscious beings are only overly concerned with the party atmosphere and the booze? I say.. don't even give it a passing thought. You were meant for much more than that! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that enjoying oneself in a healthy way is out of the question-but I am simply reminding everyone on the spiritual path that there is a much bigger picture to New Year's Eve! We can reflect back on what an incredible GAME CHANGING year 2016 has been no matter what the uncomfortable parts were. We made it this far! How about lighting a candle and thanking your spiritual team for all the gifts that 2016 brought? Maybe instead of writing out resolutions, just write out what your surrendering and trusting. A New Years Oracle reading of your own ( or you can watch the one Doreen Virtue does every year) would be a great ceremonious start to 2017. The word is CELEBRATE. Believe me, 2017 is going to be quite a year, so you just might want to put a big ol' smile on your face even if you're not fond of Ryan Seacrest.

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