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Turn On Your Heart Light-"How To Be The Beacon For Real Love".

With Valentine's Day only days away many of you out there may be feeling left out, lonely, unwanted, disappointed, or even full on depressed. Yet- have you ever really asked the question WHY you allow yourself to feel this way? Yes that is the first of many questioned that should follow, because there is no reason why you couldn't ALLOW yourself to be in love RIGHT NOW! Yes! You heard me correctly! Now I hear many of you groaning, maybe even huffing and puffing right now because this sounds like some fluffy newagey antidote only attempting to make you feel better about an undesirable situation, but without substance of reality. Listen, I hear you-in fact I've been hearing many of you in the personal reading work that I do. So many of my clients desire a Soulmate Relationship or Twin Flame Union, so much so that the NEED alone is creating a serious blockage of attaining the very thing that they desire.

Everyone would love to have prince charming or princess come knocking on the door ( especially right about now ) to immediately take all the pain and loneliness away-rescuing them from the hardships of life and that they would much rather not have to deal with. Let's face it, everyone wants to feel that love high with someone special, and usually much sooner than later. These are just some of the common questions and concerns that they wish to have answered from their angels and guides- "Why isn't this happening for me? " " I waited so long, so why hasn't it happened already? "What am I doing wrong?" I don't understand why it can't just happen?" " "Is it ever going to happen?" " Is true love even real?" You name it I've heard it. It's at that time that higher wisdom brings them back to very reason why true love has not happen for them yet. The answer is short- YOU. Yes. YOU. You are always the reason why you haven't experienced something in the 3D physical that you have desired. You see, the law of attraction is something that can either hinder us or help us depending on what we actually believe.

The angels always come to the rescue with these readings because they understand quite clearly what it's going to take to actually get a person there. Interestingly enough clients get very caught off guard when they receive messages in regards to shadow release work and self healing when all they were looking for was why the guy or gal they loved was dating someone else, didn't respond to their social media or emails, didn't know they were alive, or there hasn't been an interested suitor in quite some time, ect. In fact, sometimes they get upset about what they hear! What has to be realized is what the higher wisdom always speaks about- Self healing, Self Forgiveness, Acceptance, Self Love. These are not always so easy to navigate through and accomplish. As humans we are use to being conditioned with fear based ego patterns that block us from living the life or our dreams. (Yes you CAN live the life of your dreams-but like everything else on this 3D plane IT IS A FREE WILL CHOICE.) These patterns end up replaying over and over and over, which to the Universe simply says "LET ME EXPERIENCE THESE SAME SCENARIOS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN." Now I know none of my clients wish to have that happen, and neither do you!

So where does the true love begin? It begins within you and with you. YOU AND YOU-PERFECT TOGETHER, RIGHT?" If some of you are rolling your eyes, chuckling, or shaking your head no in defeat, hopefully I can give you some light where it seems dim. TIME TO TURN ON YOUR HEART LIGHT. The only way of turning this heart light on is to first acknowledge and work through the darkness that may be dimming your heart light. " What is within this darkness?" "What is the root cause?" "What is the contributing cause?" " What actions would be in my highest good to take resolve it?" Hint: Most times Acceptance and Forgiveness play key roles in working through certain events. Then you would want to move onto the mental and emotional patterns regarding love and relationship that you would benefit from releasing and re-writing. These thoughts and emotions have been literally MANIFESTING the opposite of what you truly have desired for yourself. This is not easy work, guys. I realize that. I have had to do a lot of it myself also-but this is the only REAL path to true love. Then there is Self Acceptance and Self Love. These are key components of attracting real love in the 3D. NO THIS CANNOT BE SKIPPED. If you can do anything really worthwhile for yourself this Valentine's Day-GIVE YOURSELF THE LOVE YOU DESERVE! No matter how badly you want something or how impatient you are, the Universe will never deliver a high level love partner if you aren't that partner for yourself first and foremost. This may be challenging, but why not have some fun and enjoy it?

Plan on romancing yourself! Buy yourself roses, lavish yourself in bath oils and perfumes, guys-tap into more of your feminine Goddess side with maybe a chick flick ( you don't have to tell your bros, lol ), reading a romance novel, lighting candles, ect. Both men and women can do these things. Why does romance have to be put on hold because a physical partner isn't present? If you love love, be the love! If you love beauty-tell yourself and feel beautiful RIGHT NOW! GO ahead and head to the mirror for this one if it helps. If you love romance-romance the heck out of yourself! Get those chocolates out and hit "Pride and Prejudice!" Okay, I know I do. ;) <3 Enjoy love, because the angels want us to know that the love never has to be waited for-it is apart of us NOW and can be experienced NOW. We are apart of the Divine Consciousness which never is short of a supply of love. Love is NOT a person. Love is an energy. WE ARE LOVE, and that love is eternal. With keeping that in mind, choosing to think out of love and feel and act out love will only attract more of that same energy-LOVE. So don't be surprised that without having to wait or obsess over someone ( which is counteractive by the way) you suddenly find yourself in a situation that you never could have planned better yourself! That's right-you were too busy working on you, and then celebrating the love of you, you actually forgot to check his or her Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram every hour! Wow! Miracles can and do happen! ;) The NEED for someone just drifted away. The pain alleviated by you and only you replaced by peace, trust, and surrender.

These are the ways to real true lasting love Unions. Acknowledging, working through, releasing, rewriting, and celebrating. Keep in mind that you always attract that in which you are, as well as the fact that Divine Will and timing also come into play. Be excited about love, not upset or disappointed, or feeling as if cupid's arrow missed you by a long shot. The key to the light is being the light. Love IS the light. So turn on that heart light and illuminate the path to true and lasting love. YOU GOT THIS! <3 <3 <3

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