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WINTER SOLSTICE 2016- New Light Codes Support Twin Flame Union

Greetings to all who are reading this message, for it is quite an important one. We are here to share the incredible news that some of you may not be aware of. The Dec 21st Solstice is indeed a pivotal point in many spiritual journeys. We completely understand how many of you seem very down and very lonely this time of year, but do not fear-because this is only but an illusion of the ego mind and it is most definitely having its last go round in 2016 for many of you who have been on the spiritual journey-especially to those who have been on the Twin Flame journey.

Now that it is here, we will disclose why these energies are so magnificent and how they will transform and transmute. Let us mention that with the traditional holiday of the Pagan Tradition-YULE, this will absolutely make complete sense and will be quite relative to what we will attempt to disclose. Indeed the birth of "LIGHT" is what Yule is about-and so we have chosen the perfect time of year to free gaia of many of its lower darker energies, by the power of high encoding. This encoding will be affecting everyone who will notice and those who may not notice. To those who are higher consciousness they will feel tired, perhaps ungrounded, and they may want to drink a lot of water due to the influx of very heavy energies being removed, thus feeling the shift, and the light encodes coming through their crowns. The sensations of the light encoding will feel like tingles, some pressure, and some slight temperature fluctuations may come through the body. Do not be alarmed, this means that we have been able to lift you up higher, and you will take on more of your higher consciousness bodies or higher selves so that it is THAT in which you become. You see, you are in fact your higher selves, and the the 3D body is of a temporary vehicle to house your higher self. The 3D is becoming less and less dense, and the 5D coming in very slowly yet not fully. We are testing out some of the 5D energies until we fully bring gaia up into the 5D permanently.

The solstice will definitely bring everyone up to higher levels, and this will include those of the Twins who have not been fully aware of their Union contracts. It is time, and now the Divine is making all known, as the very last phase-which is the Divine Union of the Twin Flame journey. For those who have not been cooperating, for those sleeping as you say, and for those who have needed extra help in clearing and healing, this encoding shall wash away all debris that has clouded memory or have been creating false fears. This is a solstice that is going to truly deliver in terms of "AWAKENING THE LIGHT". The spark of the other shall be rekindled, and they shall again be in the remembrance. 2017 will be the year we dub as "UNION"- Union with self most especially, but this will result in Union with the other complimentary force that is your Twin. Most of you will feel this message more than comprehend words of it. Again this encoding is the "feeler", and the "revealer" of all truth of the light.

Embrace the light this season, beloved ones. Do not weep or worry, do not deem yourselves unworthy of this great love because it is literally here to be experienced now in earth form. The ways in which you prepared are now in the past. You have worked through layers and layers of dense energies from all different levels and lifetimes, and because you have stood the course and believed, you will now see that Union is here for you. This is our gift and our pleasure to humanity. It will bring the light that gaia requires. It will transmute far and wide. Peace shall reign, the Christ child shining in each and every couple. This is Yule. This is Christmas. This is LOVE AND LIGHT. Halleleujah let us all rejoice for it is quite a site to behold!!

Angels, Angels, Angels

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