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Angels, angels, angels. We would like to speak on behalf of the angelic realm regarding what has been taking place on your beloved gaia. There is a sense of negativity that has been spreading among many of the earth angels, light workers, and human angels. There is a layer of this energy being dismantled at this time and many are feeling it very strongly having, revisited old wounds, feelings, and disappointments that you once assumed were gone. This layer is the last to go before the December 21st Solstice comes with an influx of light and awakening which will set the stage for the most incredible year yet! 2017 will be a beginning for more than a few of you to truly step into who you are, what you are a meant to do, and who you are meant to be with. The number 17 in itself is a number of significant magickal change and uprooting. It will bring with it the magick of synchronistic signs, divine integration, intervention, allowing it to unfold just as the Magician in the Tarot. Movement and manifestation of the physical will be within Divine Timing and will go to show that all of the processes that have caused much stress, questioning, and very difficult purging, have all been worth it to to get to the point where your physical 3D world will truly reflect all you have desired-even in ways that you may not have even imagined. This is because the Divine realizes what is best for each and every person's highest good, and so you will receive what you co-create and co-manifest, but remember that the Divine's Will is now at the forefront, after all the work has been complete. Now is the time for DIVINE WILL AND DIVINE TIMING. Surrendering to this will be highly recommended, because as much as you are Magicians and creators, you are also apart of the Divine Intelligence-SOURCE. The Divine Intelligence can never be perceived by humanity, yet it is always at work, even when you haven't come to conscious realization of it. Now blessed ones, it is time to consciously realize it, and allow it to run the show so to speak.

Do not fight the Divine Timing and Divine Will, because as much as you try to fight the tide, you will only sink without the Divine holding you afloat. We are your life preserver as well as your directing compass. If you leave it to The Divine Intelligence ( only after the completion of all inner work) we will take it from there, and will sail your ship safely to shore where you will celebrate with all the goodness of supply that you have always requested from us. When you complete the inner work and ask why nothing has been moving at a fast enough pace, or if events are not unfolding in ways in which YOUR will demands, then you are ignoring the finest of navigation devices- DIVINE INTELLIGENCE. This is what we ask of you at the end of this year, and into the beginning of 2017. We are asking you to let go and let us. You have done enough, more than enough-and it more than suffices. There is now a sense of panic and impatience that is clouding judgement and interfering with balance and Faith. We ask you to not allow the ego to have its very last say. We do say- VERY LAST. If you do, just know that self forgiveness and recognition of the transition you are experiencing would be best. A slip up or two will not cause a drastic measure, rather it will be a reminder of the distresses and lies that the ego creates. See it, hear it know it, and release it's FINAL HOLD. For we again say that DECEMBER 21ST will change many things that we are unable to disclose, however expect that the Divine shall spread light and downloads of great magnitude, that even the ones who are somewhat asleep or perhaps fighting the tide will find they will no longer find ways in which to do this anymore, AGAIN because DIVINE WILL shall reign and DIVINE INTELLIGENCE shall infuse these sleepers with remembrance and knowledge. Yes Yes Yes, embrace the holiday season with a sense of wonder and thanks as we always suggest to-LET IT IN and LET IT ALL HAPPEN.

It is time for great change and light to fill the 3D with all the love and peace that it has been devoid of. The holidays will indeed be brighter than ANY in the past- and rightfully so. We commend all of you for your hard work, commitment, and faith in your missions. This is not going unnoticed in any way! Quite the contrary. We are so very proud of all the transitions and processes-so much so that we will take it from here. If you let us, we will take you to your final destination-and it is a very beautiful one we assure you. Thank you and blessings on gaia. Angels, Angels, Angels.

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