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Tackapausha Trail, Seaford N.Y.

I have been asked by a recent podcast listener if I am able to walk on a piece of land and pick up information about who lived there or what took place there. The answer to this is a resounding...YES!! Lately I have been moved to get out there and flex my psychic muscles in this respect, embarking on my own personal "UNPLUGGED" Paranormal Investigation. The weather is getting nicer here in N.Y. so why not "EXERCISE" outside? ;) I believe as a Psychic your skills are always growing, and just like with any other skill there is ALWAYS room for improvement and expansion. The more you use it, the more fine tuned it becomes.

Today I took one of those blind psychic walks where I decided to go to a historical location with VERY little to almost no prior information. As a Medium who hopes to get involved even further in the Paranormal Field. ( it's been some intense local house clearings thus far) I find these exercises very useful in my own development, because by way of my Psychic channels the goal is to obtain accurate information that can be confirmed through historical records in a Paranormal Investigation. THIS is where the big pay off comes in! To be able to provide valid information proves to skeptics that The Psychic Medium couldn't have just made all of it up. The facts are right there on paper to clarify.

I also hope to bring Magickal Practitioners more upfront in the Paranormal Field. The truth is that Magickal Folk were ALWAYS involved in the Supernatural. We never left. For us the Supernatural wasn't really "Super", it was always just "Natural". We were there readily accepting and working with the spirit world for eons, communicating with spirits and learning the mysteries, but remaining mostly hidden. I truly believe that The Occult knowledge that has been hidden in the past is now making its way to the surface. I do feel that it is extremely relevant to the Paranormal Field for obvious reasons, and that now it's time balance the remarkable technological advances that more scientific Paranormal Investigators showcase. This is the main reason why I stepped out publicly to do what I do, and why I decided to share my own personal supernatural experiences by creating my Blogs entitled, "DARK ENTRIES."

This afternoon I visited a nature preserve called, Tackapausha Trail located in Seaford, N.Y. here on Long Island. Without initially looking up any specific detail, ( I'd only be cheating myself if I did) the only information that I knew was that the history connected with the Trail was Native American by nature-hence the name. That was as vague as it gets, because those who live on Long Island or who are familiar with Long Island's history would know that there were many Native American Tribes inhabiting the area. Various town names like Wantagh, Montauk, and Massapequa were named after tribes.

When I arrived at the preserve I noticed that the museum was actually closed, and I was glad about it. I had ZERO temptations to cheat and contaminate my blind walk through. It was solely up to myself and my senses.

As I stepped onto the trail I felt the heaviness of the energy beginning to press down on me. It got heavier as I chose a path to walk down to get in deeper. I picked up on SO MANY Native Americans watching me very closely from behind the trees. There was an overall creepy feeling of being observed. I picked up that there was A LOT of bloodshed connected with these many Indians, and that it had to do with a confrontation with English settlers. The particular Indians I saw in my mind's eye appeared to have a lot of red and black war paint covering their entire face, giving them a very fierce look. The headdresses consisted of a fan of several dark feathers pointing up and out of the head. I noticed a few sticking straight up. There weren't many feathers, and they didn't appear to be that thick, but I noticed how they particularly fanned out. Again, the look of these Indians came off very fierce. I had no idea what type of Indians these were ( would really like to study further about Native American history and seek out more hauntings associated with or connected to them) so I just took it with me.

I couldn't help but notice a crow that was constantly cawing from the moment I stepped onto the trail. I am very connected with crows and their messages. Crows connect you with the other world. They have one eye in the physical dimension and the other in the realm of spirit-often called "The Keepers of The Law". They also will continue calling out when they are warning of oncoming danger or some type of negative encounter with either a physical person OR SPIRIT. They also have always warned me about LIES or TRICKERY that I was about to be exposed to, and that it was up to me to use my wise judgment to decipher which one it was. From past experiences I can conclude that this is all true, so I learned to TRUST in my spirit animal by paying very close attention.

It wasn't long until I was approached by the angry spirit of the Native American chief who ruled over the area. He wished to speak on behalf of his people. Without a doubt he was NOT happy that I was there. He urged me to leave or GET OUT!! The energy quickly got even heavier, with him being EXTREMELY uncomfortable with my presence on his territory. He then pointed to the sky, in a gesture that I sensed as him referring to "THE GREAT SPIRIT" inhabiting all living things. With that he began yelling that HE DIDN'T WANT ME TAKING HIS LAND! He appeared to be in a panic state, and seemed to be assuming that I was there to do just that. I gently yet firmly replied in my defense that I too believed in The Great Spirit and the sacredness of the land, and that I had no intention of taking his land.

The Native American Chief began telling me his side of the story. He explained that he made an agreement with these English Settlers ( obviously a land agreement judging from his reaction), but it wasn't what he thought it was. He said that he had been "TRICKED". Somehow his culture and way of life was destroyed, his land swept from under him because he BELIEVED what white man had told him in this agreement. He shook hands on it, and it was all TAKEN FROM HIM.

After my walk I allowed myself to ground and center so I could begin researching The Tackapausha Trail that I knew nothing about. What I found blew my mind! The trail was in fact named after the chief, SACHEM TACKAPAUSHA, and he banded together his ALGONKIAN speaking tribes to fight a particular dispute. ( Images I found online of the war paint and headdress clearly matched what I saw) English Settlers from Connecticut did inhabit the area in 1643, but in 1658 Sachem Tackapausha signed a deed that would be selling his own land to the white settlers, though HE DID NOT KNOW IT!! He had maintained that the agreement was that the settlers could USE THE LAND, not become owners of it. In his mind he indeed believed that "HE HAD BEEN TRICKED." The disputes went on for a while until eventually resulting in the extermination of all bands of tribes involved.

It was very exciting to have all the details of my walk through confirmed, yet it was very sad to know that the land still echoed with the haunting of the demise of Tackapausha and his people. When I connect with spirits I often feel their emotions as well, and so unless you are present you cannot get the full affect of what is being shared. As someone who respects the earth and her energies I sided with him and his beliefs. I felt his pain and anger of this so called TRICKERY. I don't know if by further sharing his story, somehow his spirit and the spirit of his people can find some sort of rest, or perhaps my interaction with him had helped him work through his emotions so that one day he could get to where he needs to be. It is certainly my wish.

So, to conclude this first "Dark Entry", the answer to if I can pick up on the land and whoever lived on it, again the answer is one of certainty. I most definitely can do this, and will continue to. Going in cold and then researching the land's history afterwards was a conformation that I am able to do this, and it helped find the validity in what I experienced. This one won't be forgotten, but I'm sure there will be many more to come! I am not sure where my journey is headed, but I do know one thing: I am more than happy to share my experiences with those who are willing to listen, and I am more than willing to help spirits find rest by what I "NATURALLY" do. It's an honor and a privilege that I could never describe in words.

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