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Becoming A Soul Surfer

Let's face it, if you are reading this blog you have been going through some pretty tough challenges lately, and maybe you have been for a while now. It could very well be similar to a swimmer caught off guard by a swift current. Are you constantly feeling that you are being dragged under by the under toe? Is it very difficult to come up for air because so many aspects of your life seems to be pushing you underwater? Do you try to paddle and paddle struggling to break free from the water's hold, but it's like fighting a losing battle? Yes, I know too well the exhaustion of fighting the inertia, and my spirit guide had made me realize something that I haven't realized before. It was definitely time to find a different way of treading those waters and easing the journey into the unconditional horizon.

The energies emerging on this planet are much higher than humanity is use to. The human being experience has always been 3D, but with the planet ascending, humanity is entering 5D living and beyond, and so in order to prepare for such a shift, the heart needs to purge and release all the heavy negative load-all conditions, patterns, karma, dis-eases, and anything and everything that is NOT of the higher vibration of unconditional love. It is no longer needed. In 5D and beyond there is only LOVE and TRUTH of our soul essence. It is literally having the higher self step in and take the wheel, along with its many memories and lessons of past lifetimes, yet realizing that this particular physical experience is only for a short time, with very important work to do for humanity before returning "HOME" to Mother Goddess and Father God.

The awakening can trigger A LOT, and this comes with many challenges that feel really uncomfortable at times. Why? The ego has been use to running the show. It's conditions ( judgements, comparisons, distrust, limited material beliefs and false identities, ect. ) were up front and center for most people for years, and NOW the ego is being stripped, so that the heart can run the show. The ego does NOT want to leave. That ego wants to stick to you like glue, and when it feels like it is dying off, it fights for survival causing us much mental strain, leading to emotional outbursts, and even physical symptoms such as aching, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, and even depression. NOT A FUN TIME.

However, there were suggestions that my angels and guides made to me, in order to ease the process. My own guide in particular suggested that I NOT fight the process, but to go with the flow no matter how eratic, and just stay present with it. Trouble is we want it over as soon as possible, we then do EXACTLY what the dying ego wants us to do by judging ourselves for our behavior and labeling the entire process as "BAD." When I did this it was a vicious cycle that repeated itself, only magnifying the negativity that was pouring out of me. This gave me the opposite result of what I actually wanted! I indeed felt like I was drowning in a deep ocean that I could never pull myself out of! Instead of judging it all as a utter nightmare, I decided to change my perspective and approach it another way, by becoming "A SOUL SURFER."

Whenever symptoms came up, I would immediately take positive action when I intuitively felt that I should, and at other times I allowed myself to rest, and at other times I took a break from long drawn our prayers and transmutations, knowing that I didn't have to push as hard. I surfed the waves, and made sure I went with it all, keeping my balance as much as I could. I did whatever I felt necessary for that given time. I sent more love to myself, said positive affirmations, used prayers, chants, sound healing, cleansing meditations, salt baths, Yoga, walks in nature, listened to peaceful music, watched feel good movies, ate better foods, and even came to the place where I actually ALLOWED my mental breakdowns and emotional outbursts to have their platform, realizing that they were HELPING me by making themselves known. They had real messages I needed to pay attention to and honor. The old thought forms and emotions needed to be exposed and recognized in order to leave for good. Now that's not such a bad thing! So I let them say their piece. It was all happening in order for me to live out a life that can be only described as "HEAVEN ON EARTH."

As the purging happens, all the happy thoughts, all the confidence, even the old friends, jobs, and things we once enjoyed, are now being pulled from us quickly, causing us to basically feel empty, and even alone. It's so easy to REACT and enter a lower vibrational state when the familiar patterns, people, and situations are being taken from us. What then, we ask? Why can't things be the way they were before? We also often question or maybe even blame God, and wonder why do this to me? It CAN cause a lot of panic, but my guides helped me to realize that if we stay with the discomfort, the whole time RECOGNIZING and being GRATEFUL for the gifts in each rather interesting moment, it will pass much sooner, and we can then begin to welcome the higher vibrational people and opportunities that will most definitely fill the spaces after we have been emptied of what no longer serves our highest good.

Being on this planet now is very much about being a warrior, BUT remember it is also about being a peacemaker as well. We can't fight a war all the time. It would be too draining, it would make us too anxious, and we would constantly become worried or be paranoid about WHO AND WHAT is out to get me. No, that wouldn't be the goal of balance we are striving for as higher level beings. It is up to us to listen to our inner guidance and wisdom, and do what we need to do, ( or not do) in order to stay afloat, so that we can work with Source, the angels, ascended masters, and our guides to safely get to where we need to be. It is worth the journey-trust in that "NOW". Live in the now, breathe in the now, don't try to escape from it, or put illusionary labels on it. It just IS . We only have the present, and when you're out on the sea, every moment is crucial for survival. Remember that no matter where you are, you are really NOT alone. Spirit is there with you. All is happening exactly the way it should. Ride those waves, SOUL SURFER!

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