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I really felt strongly about writing this blog, because I can't even tell you how many times I read for clients lately who are scared out of their wits because they have been experiencing "SEEING PEOPLE" or "HEARING PEOPLE", and they didn't know if they are crazy! Having your psychic medium abilities come up to the surface can be a really challenging time for some people. It can catch someone completely off guard. Feeling alone, the new medium tries to rationalize what is happening on their own, perhaps going into denial for a while. It may take some time before they accept the truth of what is happening. The breaking point is usually when they have had an experience or series of experiences that become too much to handle on their own. Eventually, most turn to a professional Medium/Spiritual Teacher for validation and possible useful guidance.

When a client comes to me who is someone who is new to their gifts, I take this very seriously. Normally they will have a very worried expression, or generally just have nervous gestures, eagerly awaiting me to reveal messages either from their angels or loved ones on the other side or BOTH. I usually will have the angels step up on this subject, since the way they express themselves is always gentle, nurturing, and healing. They will always guide me to say exactly what it is that the particular client with gifts needs to hear in order to heal from the fear of their abilities, and change their perspectives in the best way possible for that client.

What comes up in the beginning is VALIDATION and CONFIRMATION of the client's gifts. They will have that Ah-ha moment of realizing ( in case they did lol ) that they were in fact NOT crazy, and that the voices ,people, and situations they were experiencing were completely real and not made up in their head. After they sigh a huge relief, and possibly even squeeze out a nervous giggle, they are now ready to LEARN more about this thing called MEDIUMSHIP.

The first major learning lesson is TRUST. I will say that again.."TRUST." That is the cardinal rule for any spiritual journey, and one that is constantly put to the test!! The new medium will have a conversation with themselves that goes something like this... ( tell me if these sound familiar) "DID I REALLY SEE THAT OR DID I JUST VISUALIZE IT MYSELF? DID I REALLY HEAR THAT OR WAS I ONLY HEARING MY OWN THOUGHTS? IS WHAT I'M FEELING MY EMOTIONS OR SOMEONE ELSE'S? HOW DID I KNOW THAT INFORMATION AND IS IT EVEN RELEVANT? Ahhhhh.... the questions, the questions, the questions! In the beginning its all about QUESTIONS. It's getting use to TRUSTING what you get, and understanding how psychic abilities work ( Clairvoyance-seeing Clairaudience-hearing Claircognizance-knowing, Clairsentience-feeling), and most importantly how YOU work!

At the start its time to pay attention to what I refer to as the "PSYCHIC REFLEX". What I mean by that is that when I am asked how my client will know if they are getting something intuitively as opposed to random thoughts, I always tell them that it will just "POP" in. It will literally be like a reflex. The information that will come in will do so in such a swift manner that you will JUST KNOW that it wasn't you who made any of it up! The information that you get in such a flash happens like a reflex. This information just doesn't sound like you, doesn't come from any conscious knowledge, the personalities and mannerisms of the "people" or entities that are being experienced couldn't possibly be of your creation, and you just FEEL that. This is how the new medium starts discovering the gift-by first TRUSTING THE PSYCHIC REFLEX.

The new medium will then start training themselves to NOT argue with the PSYCHIC REFLEX. They will begin ignoring the ego that wants to judge the entire process as false. The ego will intensify, because the new medium still isn't concrete in their trust. They will try out their new found abilities on family and friends if they are ready to come forward to share that this is what they can do. They will still find believing in themselves to be inconstant, but with more practice they will find that the PSYCHIC REFLEX information they immediately get is always going to be on the spot. Its when they stop and let the ego try to dissect it, that they will continue to realize this and build the confidence they need to really own who they are. Practice will make perfect with trusting everything that they get, and keeping track of this progress in a journal is highly recommended.

What will naturally have to happen, and this is VERY important to add to one's routine-one must strengthen their gifts by way of meditating and protecting one's energy. Learning about the energetic system and soul complex is highly recommended, but as a new medium start off with learning the energy centers and auric field. Using meditation to clear and strengthen each chakra should be done periodically, but remember that grounding or earthing crucial before and after spiritual practices-but especially AFTER in order to avoid spaciness and confusion. The medium will make sure they keep their energetic body in working order and this would also extend to the physical body as well. Everything we put into our bodies has a vibration. Some foods are lower vibrational foods ( f.e., refined sugars, gluten, alcohol drugs, ) and other foods will be higher ( veggies, fruits, ect.) which will definitely have an effect on the other energetic systems.

What I will lastly touch on, is that the new Medium will need to set boundaries regarding those spirit energies they make contact with as well as people they come in contact with. They DO NOT-repeat DO NOT need to fall victim to anyone living or on the other side!! Owning one's space is crucial to maintain balance and wellness. Drainage can happen as well as various psychic attacks. The new Medium needs to make good decisions on what types of energy they will allow themselves to be open to. There are various techniques to close down their energy and protect themselves, but I will not cover it in this particular blog post.


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