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Asking Your Spiritual Team For Direction

I felt a pull to write this blog because I think that it just may help people get their power back when they feel they are stuck with little to no options. Many clients who come to me for readings often mention that they got a sense or felt that they knew something, but they just weren't sure until I validated it with their spiritual team. Believe me I love to be able to validate because that's my calling and my job, but I also like to empower my clients and otherwise to explore their own inner knowing, and to not be afraid to contact their angels and guides on their own asking them whatever it is that would be in their highest good to know. Yes, you can! You see, despite what many would think, you can absolutely communicate with your team, asking them to guide you to the very next step if you are unsure of where to go next. No, you WOULD NOT be bothering them. They are there at all times to help guide you and never view anything as too trivial. It's all about reaching out to them, and tuning in to the message. Now the message may not be this huge booming disembodied voice where you are getting every single word, or you may not get a very tall angel with wings standing right before your eyes glowing, but you will still get the the message you that was in your best interest to hear at that time, but realize that it may come in many various ways.

It gets very frustrating when you feel lost or at a crossroads in life, not knowing where to go next. It causes a great deal of anxiety and stress when you are feeling trapped within your own circumstances. The angels always explain that you choose every thought that you have in every life situation. Many don't realize how their thoughts transferred into emotions manifest their reality! Another words, you can see yourself as a victim or you can see yourself as the artist or creator of your own reality in which you work in concert with the Divine to make changes. I always suggest to people who say " I just don't know what to do regarding" ( fill in the blank) to simply ask your spiritual team, and they will tell you what direction would be in your highest good to go in, yet not what you NEED to do. I suggest asking them this way, because when using the word "NEED" you are connecting to ego. Angels and guides do not function from ego, but unconditional love. So do not approach them out of need, but ask them to disclose what would be in your highest good.

They sometimes look at me a little strangely when I refer them back to their own team, thinking that what I suggested was either too good to be true or they couldn't possibly get messages if they asked for them, because they weren't a professional reader. No and no. lol I truly believe that we can all communicate with our spiritual teams if we are open enough to initiate contact with them as well as being just as open to receiving their messages in the particular fashion that they turn up. So one could ask where would be the best location to live for their highest good, and the messages may come as particular signs that may range from subtle to pretty extraordinary. Just remain OPEN. The name of that location may come up on everyone's lips, license plates with the location may suddenly be parked near your own car or you may notice it while driving. This is just an example of how answers to our prayers come, but we may not take notice because we are EXPECTING it to come a certain way. Another example would be the inner nudge that you need to begin a mission for humanity , but have been loss for ideas, meanwhile you have had an idea pop up as a repetitive thought that you just can't shake. You dismissed these thoughts of say, possibly creating a spiritual blog that may help inspire others on their journey to empowerment. You never thought that the THOUGHT ITSELF was the answer to what direction would be in your highest good to go in!

As humans we want it all written out exactly numbered in detailed steps, so that we don't have to do the work. We are tired and just want to be told where to go next and how to do it-just like that. Boom. Well, if this journey on the physical plane was that easy, why in the world would we choose to incarnate? How would we learn, and to appreciate the seeds that were planted that eventually grew into a beautiful garden? What would we learn or discover about ourselves if we didn't have some struggles or obstacles along the way? If everything was handed to us so quickly and easily we would lose out on the reflection of the entire process, which is apart of the school of life with it's growth and improvement. You understand where I'm going with this. Stay open, or as I say to many "Stay thirsty, my friends!" Yes, just like the commercial. ;) If you're lost you can ask for directions. Let your spiritual team be your GPS. Trust that they know you best, and are glad to help you along. Just be sure to work with them by paying attention to the messages they are attempting to send. If you still aren't sure-ASK. Ask them to clarify or to send something that you will understand better. It may just be a dream or repetitive thought. This is where keeping track in a journal is helpful.

Lastly, TAKE ACTION. Take that leap of faith no matter how crazy it may seem. Hey, some people have even been guided to suddenly quite their jobs and embark on their own business! There's always that natural human tendency to procrastinate or try to analyze. It's what stops most people from already getting started with what they actually felt and knew all along! The ego tries to decipher information and deem it untrue. Then there's a sense of inner struggle, which causes one to panic and seek outside validation. That's generally when I get involved with giving a reading. lol Let me just end by simply stating this: Your ego may not agree, but your heart will-AND YOUR HEART IS ALWAYS WHAT YOUR SPIRITUAL TEAM WILL SPEAK THROUGH. All you need to do is listen and act.

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