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Powerful Cosmic Combo This Harvest Moon

I'm back without time to spare, because I am guided to share what spirit has been revealing to me with this extremely powerful cosmic combination! So let's get this straight.. FULL HARVEST/RAVEN MOON, MOON WITHIN PISCES, LUNAR ECLIPSE, WITHIN MERCURY RETRO GRADE, SOON TO BE EQUINOX. Uhhhh....okay guys are you feeling this one? lol If you aren't you are either way above human or not human at all. ;) Alright, so let's get into what spirit shared with me. This will most likely confirm much of what spirit has already told you.

The intensity of the cosmic event we are experiencing right now is nothing short of "EMOTIONAL". That would definitely be the word here! There is a stirring that is going on the outside and on the inside. As above, so below. What spirit is relating to me is that for those who are on the spiritual path, we may be surprised to discover a REPRISE of some past hurts, guilt, self-pitty, ect. and even physical symptoms rising up to rear its ugly head ONCE AND FOR ALL. For many of us, this emotional baggage comes as a complete shock, because we have been doing so much dedicated inner work that we felt sure that we have gotten through it all and have completed it...UNTIL JUST RECENTLY.

There are some powerful energies now sweeping up the last of what was previously swept under the rug for some time. The shifts are addressing THE PAST in particular, in order to completely release the very last of what was being subconsciously held onto. The word FORGIVENESS comes up big time. Where can forgiveness be applied to your past? Is it about forgiving others who may have hurt you, or do you need to forgive yourself or perhaps both? They are saying to work with your spiritual team in order bring a healing energy to these areas once and for all. Go back in this Mercury Retro and connect with the scenes, the people, the states you were in as painful as that may seem, and use heart centered energy ( colors of pink and green) to basically say " IT'S OKAY. I SEND IT ALL LOVE AND FORGIVENESS". What I recommend because its powerful is to perhaps write a letter of forgiveness to yourself or to others. Pour your emotions into the words and then read aloud. If you want to make it more ritualistic you can light a pink candle and rose incense. You don't need to, but it may be helpful. Another energetic tool is to ask Archangel Michael to cut the negative cords of the past as you sleep, and asking Archangel Raphael to also send healing energy to the past as you sleep in conjunction with the cord cutting. The shift of sending healing love and forgiveness to the past will feel VERY INTENSE at this time. Welcome the tears if they come, because you are now recognizing the emotions, giving them a voice, only to say goodbye indefinitely.

They are saying that there is NO GOING BACK now. No returning to these hidden past places. It is now done. Yes-DONE. I get a sense of completion for many on the light path. After the years of difficult suffering ( purging, depression, anxiety, loneliness, uncertainty, health issues) these symptoms were mirroring the low energetic frequencies that needed acknowledgment and release in order to embrace a faster frequency, higher vibration, and higher levels of consciousness. The 3D living is now at a close for those who have the option to live beyond the limitations of the ego mind. Divine Intervention is stepping in and pushing everything into high gear with many of these cosmic events. Moving forward from the equinox, a CLEAN AND POWERFUL TRUTH will be revealed not only to you but to the ones who are divinely connected to you and to the situations and places that are for your highest good as well. EXPECT CHANGE, guys!! MAJOR CHANGE. The Harvest will take on a whole new meaning from this Sept 2016 onward into the next year or two. It would be in your highest good not to hold tightly to anything but your inner truth and light. Your outside world is going to adjust just as much as your inner world. AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT. AS ABOVE SO BELOW. A change of location is very evident, a change of social circle, a change of attitude, a change of diet, a change of love relationships, ect.

MESSAGES OF TRUTH are another theme of this powerful combination! If you haven't experienced enough movement in your outer world regarding a Divine destiny ( life purpose, Divine love Unions, ect.) you better hold onto the reigns of the chariot, because you're going for a ride!! Divine Intervention is unveiling and blatantly revealing all that NEEDS TO COME OUT. If someone has been sleeping, they are being shaken awake with "ARE YOU UNDERSTANDING NOW WHAT THIS ALL MEANS?!! WHAT ABOUT NOW?!!" I am actually getting tingles through my crown as I'm typing this. Take that as a validation! ;) No need to get frustrated anymore, folks. The Raven is delivering the spiritual messages clearly and precisely in dreams and wakeful visions. Much of it will be a jolt to some, but now is the time to GET IT, because the inner spiritual miracles will manifest in on the physical plane, because it is now properly prepared.

You will understand this channeled message in regards to your own personal path and connections, and I'm getting that this will hit home to all who are guided to read this at this time. Congratulations on hard work well done!! It hasn't been easy- in fact its been quite a crazy ride with disillusionment at some junctures. Not to worry if your harvest won't bare the fruits of your labor. The Harvest is here, and there is much abundance to be delivered, which will surely make lots of people grateful this year!

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