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The Light & Dark of Spiritual Social Media

I need to speak out on what's been transpiring lately, both from my own personal experiences, and from what I have been hearing from some friends of mine on Social Media. As you wouldn't find a hard time believing, there are two sides of EVERYTHING-a positive and negative, a pro and con, a light and dark. This blog will be focused on the various spiritual communities, and the interactions and information that is currently available. Now, imagine for a moment that I am a newly "AWAKENED" person who just is starting to understand that there is so much more in the Universe than my 3D physical body and the boxed in awareness that I have gave a second thought of being severely limited. I am beginning to sense, feel, and now RESEARCH AND CONNECT WITH (HOPEFULLY) like minded people who I can resonate with and exchange ideas with. I am new to this, and want to expand my knowledge on certain subjects. Now think about how much SPIRITUALITY has taken off ( almost as if it were a trend) in the last couple of years, and how many people now have their hands in the pot, for better or for worse, and then tell me how damn confusing, scary, and even bizarre all of this may seem? Let's just begin with these very real scenarios, because MANY MANY MANY people ( I can just tell you from a Psychic readers standpoint) ARE beginning to become aware of their higher selves, and the fact that there is a much bigger reason why they are currently incarnated, in addition to learning the truth of various Divine Processes and Truths. The shifts are occurring, the cosmic events are taking place, and humanity's consciousness levels have been skyrocketing into uncharted territory, for lack of better wording. More and more of us are beginning to REMEMBER ourselves- our "Real" Divine Multi-dimensional selves, and what it means to be connected to a higher power and collective oneness, and what it means to truly give and receive "unconditional love."

Now this all sounds beautiful and exciting, and of course it it!! What I'm about to share does not just pertain to the newly spiritually awakened, however. This has been an issue lately for awakened ones as well, however with those who are in extreme "Seeker" mode they are most vulnerable to falling into the trap of what I'm about to speak about.

Social Media of course is quite a useful tool to connect with other spiritualists and spiritual communities, giving you a sense of belonging and support. This is fantastic. With communities such as The Pagan Community, The Paranormal Community, The Twin Flame Community, ect. it's easy to understand how many of these communities may not be well received in your offline everyday encounters.

When I first joined social media ( both on Twitter and Facebook), I actually even surprised myself that I was joining ANY type of social media-but it was time for me to stand firmly within who I was, and to bring my work out to the world with confidence and love. For anyone who knows me I like to drive in the "DRAMA FREE ZONE", so I knew that I would only put light out in the Twitterverse and Facebook. I proceeded to partake in social media with a very positive high vibration, and guess what? I discovered that the laws of attraction work just as well on there as off. I was attracting some pretty awesome people-a few that I actually stood in contact with and we became friends. I did find that by sharing what I was comfortable with, I not only found that it was helping to guide people, bringing them hope, or inspiring them, but I found that others also were doing the same for me. I wasn't expecting for social media to be so life changing, but I honestly met a few people that played pretty significant roles in my life. The support and encouragement, and even validation of what many others were going through was very gratifying and helpful. Let's face it, I may have abilities and be spiritual, but I'm still human. WE ALL CAN USE A LIFT EVERY NOW AND THEN. It honestly felt great (and still does) to put up either a statement or picture (or both) that someone else resonates with at that time. It can be a game changer for them, whether I was aware of it at the time or not. Many times I had no idea until I was contacted by someone who was extremely grateful for something I tweeted. It makes putting up very empowering statements and pictures really worth it! This has been especially true when I tweet a link to my blogs. Twitter has been my main source of connecting with spiritual communities in this fashion, and I must say it's worked beautifully -FOR THE MOST PART. I have been the inspiration for others and others have in return been the inspiration for me. Man, I wish this was ALL THAT WAS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! How awesome would that be? (FYI, my second Twitter account just functions as a way to follow my podcast and information about the episodes and guests).

A Facebook profile wasn't an option for me. I just wanted a Page where I could let people know about what was going on professionally with my readings, and to post my podcast episodes and information about the shows as well. That was my own personal decision, because I like to monitor how much personal info I put up. I don't feel comfortable with overexposing myself. I keep my social media pretty much in the vain of my spiritual life purpose, and didn't feel comfortable with posts or tweets giving "the play by play" of my day. I mean, who cares what I ate and if I got the chance to get my hair trimmed and blown out? lol

If you do however have a Facebook profile like so many do, just be very mindful of the interactions or followers that start to make you feel uncomfortable. Are you getting triggered by someone else's Facebook to the point where you are getting anxiety and questioning your Divine truth? This works the same on Twitter as well. Sometimes the best remedy for remaining strong in your spirituality and truth is to limit your usage or not check others so much. I've heard of people who have gone into panic because they believed in many of the false "illusions" of Facebook, Twitter, ect. Just remind yourself that whatever you are consciously exposing yourself to, and that it's your CHOICE to partake in it or to react from it.

YouTube is most definitely an active place where ANYONE. I repeat-ANYONE can put up videos and put out spiritual information, readings, channelings, claims of being a spiritual healer, ect. When a newly awakened person searches on YouTube, the overwhelming information available can be very confusing. Who is right? Who is full of it? Who is stating opinion? Who is on the spot? Who has light filled intentions, and who is just disguising to? Ok. Now we are getting into another area here. An area that needs to be exposed especially at this time, but before I get into it I will say that YouTube DOES have some very angelic legit lightworkers on it who do wish to make a positive impact by sharing their knowledge, experiences, and gifted services in order to assist others to progress on their journeys. I can clearly think of two of them right off the top of my head-my good friends Scott and Cici on TwinFlameUnion1111 and AJ from They are authentic souls of light who make HUGE impacts in people's lives all the time. They are speakers of truth, and stand behind that no matter what criticism may be thrown their way.

Of course there are many others that are of the light that one may benefit from, but in particular when searching for spiritual communities and information its always best to use discretion, and ask your own higher self and guidance if you resonate with the information being disclosed. Are you comfortable with it? Does it not feel right? Is your higher self trying to warn you about the information you are hearing and/or seeing? Believe me if you go by feeling, you will quickly know who isn't who they say they are, nomatter what so-called "TITLE" they give themselves. Which brings me into my next point very nicely.

What I'm about to disclose is not about spreading fear in anyone, but to just bring awareness of what's been taking place A LOT recently. Due to the major shifts of consciousness, and the many who are steeping into their Divine remembrance and life purpose right now ( and there are MANY) there are also many who are out there trolling or scouting on social media and YouTube who wish to cause very deliberate confusion and misguidance in order to interfere with many Divine processes such as Twin Flame Union. Some who claim to be spiritual teachers are actually quite the opposite. Unfortunately spotting them out initially can be very tricky-again, especially for someone newly spiritually awakening and in research mode. It's pretty alarming to feel as if there is a target on your back, but the reality without sugarcoating and dancing around the subject is that IT HAS AND IS HAPPENING. I can assure you I have come across a couple of very real examples of these "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" as they are being referred to as. Rightfully so they are being called this! These darker beings within deceiving physical vessels are absolutely out there scouting for the ones who can't discern the light and truth from the lies and deception-and this is EXACTLY the way they want it. They are hoping to throw off some very strong and capable lightworkers from being the force they are meant to be in this world by pretending to be the light. Be aware, and ask your spiritual team ( especially in the name of Jesus Christ) to reveal what type of being they are if you even have a small inkling that something feels off. Trust me they will not steer you wrong. Don't get caught in the trap! Myself as well as other spiritual friends, have been finding this scenario taking place often, as well as the other I will mention.

Another scenario that definitely should be mentioned is that there are not only false teachers and healers out there scouting there, there are others as well that just seem to pop up on your timeline to throw you for a loop. I will take a very intuitive guess on this one and say that if they have been popping up on your time all of a sudden or more than in the past, you are on the brink of a HUGE SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT OR EVENT in your life!! Congrats on that one!! Even if its not physical yet, these dark beings understand and detect what is taking place at higher levels. ( in your higher aspects of your soul complex)

It's pretty interesting to find that as you connect with your trust worthy spiritual friends on social media ( the authentic community you touch bases with), they have been experiencing THE SAME exact type of war tactics. The truth is the dark actually loss the war to the light, and what is left behind is bitter cheap shots. I'm serious! If you view it this way, perhaps you won't think for a second about panicking. I have been finding my very positive spiritual tweets constantly quoted on Twitter by Porn accounts. Yes, I'm completely serious, and not for one moment trying to come off eccentric. Certain tweets I would put out there that refer to unconditional love would get targeted. Also, I have had interested dark beings ( drawn to my light) either trying to trigger me or they would follow. Yes, they try to trigger you into giving up on your truth. Is this only happening to me? Oh no! I would then find others who of the light who were also getting "SCOUTED" out. This blog is more about "OUTING" them. Without being able to be cloaked or hidden, they have no scheming legs to stand on!! All you need to do is not allow their tactics to trigger you, and to block them FAST!! In the case of YOUTUBE, I say you may want to remove the "YOU" from YOUTUBE at least a majority of the time. Anything you ever wanted to know already exits inside of you. All you need to do is ask your spiritual team.

Lastly, if you are STRONGLY feeling like you should either censor the material you put out there publicly or remove it all together, then do so. Yes, this is a bit drastic, but you and only you will know if this is correct to do. Don't get scared into submission, and then jump head first into deleting, censoring, or protecting all your social media, however there may be a time to do this at some phase of your journey, or perhaps only partially, or not at all. You will be sure if this is the correct action. All of this believe it or not is a GOOD sign that you have raised your vibration and consciousness levels. This is just what naturally happens when your light shines very bright-and just as it shines bright to attract the unfriendly, it also attracts other light filled friendly souls who are willing to reach out and connect with you. That can be quite powerful and all in itself. The more light the merrier! <3

Wishing everyone safe and positive social media and YouTube experiences, because they CAN be a very good learning tool and support system. There are always pros and cons with using modern day technology-JUST AS THERE ARE ALWAYS BEINGS OF LIGHT AND DARK. ;) Use your intuition 99% of the time, be aware, and take care everyone. Over and out! lol

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