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Embracing Your New Light

Here is another channeled blog-basically allowing spirit to speak freely about anything they deem important at this time. Do I know what's coming? Nope. lol

Dear Ones, there is so much to discuss with you all and so much that you have experienced already in so many ways that have at times sent a shock wave through you, shifted you into waves of light and ecstasy that you may not have understood or perhaps do not completely understand at this time. The last 6 months have been quite a change in terms of the grid work that has been preparing your planet for its transport into 5D Ascension. This has caused a mass confusion for many, but we are here to speak about how these effects are taking place inside of you, not to explain this major event in any detailed construction.

What we wish to speak about is YOUR LIGHT. For those of you who have been having a hard time adjusting, this message will speak very strongly to you-so much so that you will begin to feel your crown pulsate with the energy of the higher realms affecting your Divine cord that connects you to the greater source. Consider this validation of your newer human divine blueprint upgrading as we speak.

If you were to question your path or question who you truly are as a divine essence, we ask you to go back to your childhood for a moment. We would advise that you pick the sunniest happiest day when you were young, where all felt perfect, and there were no cares or worries. You utilized your imagination and felt that the world was "magickal". Many of you ask why you do not find yourself happy in your earthly 3D lives. You walk through life blindfolded is our response. When you cannot see the forest for the trees so to speak, when you cannot find the possibilities in your dreams or forget that love is not only in the ideas that you create , but you yourself, you become lost in the dark. To not live in the TRUTH is to not live in the LIGHT. When you accept that the illusions that were self imposed or imposed by others is the way to view the world, we say to you that it is now time to change the lens of your camera. To see life and love as if you were a child-pure, hopeful, excited, worry-free, and imaginative. This childlike state is the gateway to the higher realms where peace and possibility never cease. All is created by a single thought with the emotional power that drives these thoughtforms into manifestation.

When we are around you, you will feel this pure childhood excitement and magick. It is energy that will bring you ongoing happiness no matter what your situation is. The beauty of this energy is that it is EXACTLY what can be used to create 3D wonders that you thought were impossible. See yourself as that limitless child and embrace your light. The light in your eyes when you first climbed a tree, rode a bike, or discovered a butterfly. Why are these things ignored now? Why have they become less beautiful or insignificant? Is being an adult on the 3D plane reason enough to fall into the trap of the ego mind? Is playing something only children partake in because as an adult it is just not how one should be? We ask you to drop the "should be's" and "have to's". These are only limitations of the ego mind that wishes to keep your lens from capturing all the beautiful vivid angles of being a multi-dimensional being. It makes us sad that many of you are still convinced that the illusions are real. This is coming to an end for all. This will be very soon, though we of course could not disclose when. Life is meant to be lived moment by moment, and we would never disclose information that would interfere with this process, dear ones. We just remind you that the time is growing very close when all of life will shift their older bodies into a lighter more vibrant resilient body that shall finally understand and experience all that we know. THE TRUTH.

For the ones who are finding it difficult to leave the older paradigm behind, we are supporting you and hearing your prayers for a smoother transition. We understand that the shifts you have been experiencing have tired you, have challenged your commitment to yourself and your mission. We understand that many of you have been experiencing waves of release known as "purging". These waves have been difficult to bare, because you must understand how far you have come as a human race. So much of this layered energy or dense negative blockage has not only been from a single incarnation, but from many before. Now we enter a time where all humans are PREPARING to bring their bodies out of the dense reality and into a higher reality where this sort of energy does not exist. Letting go of this baggage is key to experiencing a weightless and ecstatic reunion with source. It can be experienced even more the planet transitions. As individuals you can make that choice to ascend and experience this type of light childhood freedom before all make that journey. We have never kept it from you. We never tried to punish you or hide the secrets of true love and happiness from you. Free will is a gift that we have given earth so that there would not be any restrictions on how you choose to manifest. With this free will or freedom of choice we understand that some of you have chosen lower vibrational experiences and have chosen to think lower vibrational thoughts. Again, these are by CHOICE. Do you choose to look at the truth of love peace and happiness? Or do you choose to accept and believe in the illusions of fear? We again ask you to embrace your light, your TRUE IDENTITIES, in which many of your are only beginning to remember, and some not at all-NOT YET.

The key to true love and happiness is not at complex as the mind tricks you into believing. Being happy and feeling love is as simple as shifting to a different lens on a camera. The filter needs to be changed from a lower less vivid picture to a brighter more vivid perspective. This is the perspective of a child playing in his or her backyard, finding excitement and wonder in all creation all around. Colors, scents, touch, discovery, laughter, imagination. These are all the experiences of the higher realms, yet a million times more!! We wish you to try to switching lenses, even if it only lasts a day. Make that decisions-that choice to experience life only from that perspective. Suddenly you will find that all of your earthly worries and concerns disappear! Magickly they are gone. All that you feared you no longer fear. Many will argue this point because your ego wishes to find only logical and analytical solutions. These argumentative fear based thoughts are the very reason why you have attracted your ideas of "lack or less than". As children of light and purity do, they use their imagination to create their so called FANTASY WORLD. However, only the parents of the children label it a FANTASY. For a child they are indeed experiencing a very real world that they are playing out on not only the 3D realm but in 5D as well. Oh yes. Children who are "pretending" are in fact "creating". They have much to teach their parents who are too caught up in the collective fear illusions.

So how does one change their world and truly live in the light and utilize the higher vibrations and faster frequencies that are assisting you to raise your consciousness further? The answers are simple. BE THAT CHILD. BE THAT PURITY. UTILIZE THE CREATIVE POWERS OF IMAGINATION, AND VIEW LIFE AS A PLAYGROUND OF POSSIBILITY-NOT LIMITATION.


With Love and Happiness Eternally,


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